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Thursday, June 22, 2006

There are some very important lessons...

...that aren't taught in school. No matter how many people are interested in the topic, there isn't always a class available for the people to attend. Well, thank goodness that we have the internet, we can learn whatever we want to learn about whatever we are interested in.

For example...blow jobs. There are few classes out there but many web sites that offer knowledge that isn't available anywhere else. At least nowhere else that you would feel comfortable applying. A little while ago while searching some of the sites that people who come here have visited, I found this:


Many people there have questions and others have answers. It's a veritable treasure chest of blow job infomation! Go there and see if there's any info that you can use or any lessons that you can offer. Men tell what they like and women tell what they have learned through experience. This is one of those sites that most people can benefit from. Enjoy.

Even I...with all of my experience and expertise, have learned a few new things. I tried to register at the site so that I could offer an answer that a woman who asked about gag reflex and how to get past that. But, I couldn't seem to find the page where you register.

I've had an interesting evening, one that I can't discuss just yet because I don't want to annoy the fool who made the night so interesting. I'm not going into details about what happened, but suffice it to say, he won't be getting a blow job tonight. And after the way he acted, I doubt that he will ever enjoy my talents again.

While I was reading the posts at the blow job web site, I actually came away with a few questions that I don't understand. A few of the guys mentioned how much more they enjoy it if the woman "swallows". I don't understand that at all. How do they know if we did and if they can tell, how does that add to their enjoyment of the act? If there are any men out there who do know why it's more enjoyable to be swallowed, please let me know in the comments section.

When I am the meal for the evening, I don't know whether or not the guy is swallowing. Hell, I don't know what there would be TO swallow. (Don't bother, I don't WANT to know.).

Well, that was an interesting hour of my life. It's left me feeling quite sorry to be alone, especially considering it's bedtime and I have to go stare at the ceiling and count sheep. With any luck at all, perhaps I'll be asleep sometime before the birds start singing.

Have a nice morning and I'll be back when I wake up. I may sleep late again, I've been up late cleaning house again.

See ya!



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