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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I sure hope this woman doesn't belong to the Tea Party!

This charming old hag is a perfect example of someone who gives all white people the despicable appellation of prejudiced bigots.

After signing for a letter addressed to her husband, Erica (or Erika) Winchester changed her mind and wanted the postman to return the receipt she had signed. Of all the options available to her, she chose one of the most hideous of them all, she attacked the postal worker, Hugson Jean, verbally and, allegedly, physically.

After watching the two videos, one can only marvel at the result...Hugson was fired. Apparently, Winchester has friends "in high places".

Even after Hugson refused to file charges against the miserable excuse for a human being, "police filed a criminal application before a clerk magistrate for assault and battery as a hate crime". In a further show of patience and inexplicable decency, Hugson, who had already lost his job over this lunatic, refused to testify against her and eventually the charges were dropped.

Lest one attribute Winchester's behavior to a bad day during which she forgot to take her Prozac, consider some of her other colorful (no pun intended) antics:

Winchester once threatened a cop that she would “chop off” his genitals after he arrested her for trespassing.

During a community play rehearsal, Winchester told a cast member “that anyone who wrongs her would ‘get it with a machine gun.’”

Winchester was arrested in August 2005 for drunk driving after she crashed her Volvo through a street sign and narrowly missed driving head-on into a minivan, according to a police report. Cops found a bloodied Winchester, who reeked of booze, in front of her Kimball Beach Road home.

She was also charged with drunk driving, endangering, and leaving the scene of an accident.


Yet, with this history and a good friend in the USPS, Winchester remains at large and Hugson is unemployed. What a wonderful statement on the condition of justice in America.

Should you desire to congratulate Winchester, you can reach her here:

Erika F Winchester
21 Kimball Beach Rd
Hingham, MA 02043-1145
PHONE: (781) 749-2865
Randall E Winchester
Phone: (781) 749-7895

Later on this morning:

The more I think about this situation, the angrier I become. It's been decades since I've been witness to any peons holding this type of animus toward their fellow human beings. Every time I think this crap is over, admittedly a naive assumption, some yahoo pops up out of nowhere to prove me wrong. I apologize to anyone I may have offended by implying that racism was history. In my own defense, I knew that there were still racists hiding in isolated wooded areas, but I wouldn't have thought that you could find them in a supposedly enlightened suburban town in this day and age. My bad.

I know of a young man (a term I use lightly) who has recently been using racial slurs against his fellow students during school hours. My emotions have been taking a roller coaster ride as I've tried to wrap my head around what he has done.

I've gone from anger to confusion to disgust. When I tried to ask the kid where this comes from, he had no answer. His mother is NOT a racist and as far as I know, no one in his family is either. Yet, the N-word is coming out of his mouth as easily as his breathe comes out.

Without excusing the behavior and the hideous verbal attacks delivered by the kid in question, I've been wracking my brain trying to find the root of the problem. I have no idea where it comes from but during my discussions with the kid, he did say this, "I hear ni**er used all the time." I was stunned.

Then he explained that black kids and their close friends of other colors use the term amongst themselves. Once again, I am not at ALL trying to mitigate what happened but when kids go to a school with other students of many different ethnic backgrounds, you will have some kids using the term, albeit in a different way. I understand that.

But, when you're dealing with 13 year olds, how can you expect them to know when it's OK and when it's not? Where should the line be drawn? And even if you DO find a line, do you seriously expect 13 year olds to recognize that line responsibly considering their immaturity? A responsible educator is neglecting his social obligation to these children if he/she fails to punish ALL use of such a derogatory sobriquet.

The kid in question hears the term used so often that at some point, he necessarily becomes desensitized to the term...at least to some extent.

This incident occurred at Kimball Middle School in Elgin, Illinois. If the authority figures there can't figure this one out on their own, perhaps we need to help them.

The principle is Alan Tamburrino and the number to the school is 847-888-5290.


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