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Thursday, November 04, 2010

If memory serves...

...the last time I has sex, it was wonderful. My BF and I went out to eat, had a lovely conversation that continued to my house and evolved into a make out session on the couch. Things took their course and before I knew it, we were in my room having some serious adult playtime. Somehow, we ended up in an upside-down 69 position (is that a 96?) and, blah, blah, blah...we both had smiles on our faces.

Without a thing to complain about, I laid back and basked in the post-orgasmic glory that follows excellent sex. Before long, however, I realized that I had somehow become the unwitting recipient of a head full of cum. My day began with a shower and a head full of clean hair. But, as fun as that romp in the hay was, it left my head full of clumps-O-cum mixed with hair. I couldn't leave the house like that (what if other sexually active people noticed the tell tale signs of a post sex head full of cum?), so naturally, I needed to take another shower and wash my hair again.

Now...my BF had been as pleasant and as charming and he could be. He treated me to a nice meal and he even made sure that our playtime was pleasant for me. He was a peach. But, that didn't change the fact that my head was full of cum.

President Obama campaigned as a charming candidate, made me promises and told me how badly my previous President had treated me. He assured me that he would treat me so much better that I smiled a LOT, feeling as though I had happened upon a wonderful guy...one who would care for me and my needs. He offered me solutions to my problems and assured me that I would be cared for in my old age.

Like a new lover, he called all the "other guys" my enemies and promised to make them ride in the back seat as he and I rode in the front, with all of the controls at my fingertips. He promised to see to my needs first, to work with all the other "good guys" and to respect me in the morning.

And after all of those hopeful plans, here I sit with cum in my hair. And what does Obama do about it? He blames my last President for putting it there even though he was the one who promised to wash it all out! Geesh.


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