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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Natalie Alexo inadvertently did me a favor...

...because sometimes life gets in the way of things that should be tended to. It's been a while since I posted something about my aunt who still hasn't returned from "her trip to California".

I don't even want to qualify this with an "opinion" disclaimer anymore, Paul Mergel murdered his mother. My family lives far away and perhaps we aren't as close as we could be but we are a family and we want nothing more than justice for our aunt, sister and fellow family member.

Natalie, your stupidity and unwelcome opinions did nothing but remind us all that our aunt deserves to be brought home and buried like the human being she was. If Paul Jr. is so concerned about being mistaken for the man who murdered his grandmother, he could stop that by turning his father, the murderer, into the police in Georgia.

You say that I have disgraced my family. I have not murdered anyone, be they family, ex husbands or annoying acquaintances. I wouldn't do you harm no matter how ridiculous you behave because I am, as is MOST of my family, a decent human being that respects life and your right to be free from harm.

If you were to suddenly come up missing, who would look for you? I know nothing about you but I would think that however asinine you may be, some family member would want to find you.

Usually the children of a murder victim try to get justice for their own but in this case, the only child is the murderer so the extended family is left to seek the truth. How dare you even THINK to call me a loser for seeking justice for my aunt!

Do not think I am alone, I know I have family that cares about Mary Ann Mergel and they proved it by helping to circulate the post below this one. So, when you call me a loser, you call us all losers. Common sense should tell your stupid self that an entire family can't be wrong. If there was ANY doubt that Paul Mergel murdered his mother, there would be at least ONE person in our family who stood behind him. But, we all know that he is absolutely a murderer and you will never find one of us giving him the slightest benefit of a doubt. The facts are what they are and you can't blame us for that. If Paul Jr. doesn't like it, he has no one but his father to thank.

Calling me a loser doesn't make it so. But, the fact that Mary Ann has never returned combined with the evidence Paul Sr. left behind absolutely convinces us ALL that when I say Paul Mergel is a murderer, it IS so.

Have a nice day.


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