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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You will all be happy...

...to hear that Erika Winchester has stated “I did not have any charges against him.” Of course she is referring to Hugson Jean, the ever patient and compassionate postal worker at whom she aimed a barrage of racist, foul mouthed and despicable comments the likes of which I have never heard...and I lived in the South for years.

Apparently, Mrs. Winchester is known about town as a kook and Mr. Jean was aware of her unstable nature which is why he maintained such a graceful constitution during the her verbal and allegedly physical assault upon him. May the God of your choosing have mercy on that kind man.

There are many words for the incident that has gained worldwide attention over the past few days but there is one aspect of this debacle that fascinates me. That is the fact that racism may very well be added to the next issue of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

That fact brings many questions to my, admittedly slightly askew, mind. For example, how does one diagnose a racist and who in their right mind would seek treatment for such a hated condition? Obviously Winchester qualifies as a racist, no matter what ANYONE says in her defense. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but Winchester has left no room for doubt. Perhaps I could forgive an angry outburst but this woman went so far as to say that she has seen the statistics and that blacks rank quite low on the IQ scale. So, what do you do with her if she is actually suffering from a "disorder"? Do you take her and force her into treatment? She has proven herself over and over again to be a danger to others, that alone qualifies her for a stay at most loony bins.

And once she, or any other certifiable racist, is admitted into treatment, how do you treat them? A fear of spiders is treated by slowly desensitizing the arachnophobe to the object of their fear. They are actually introduced to one spider after another until the irrational fear is gone. Do you take a certifiable racist and stick them in the midst of an AME Church service? Would you rent them a room in Los Angeles on Crenshaw Boulevard somewhere near MLK Boulevard for a month? Maybe they could spend some time with Michael Jackson's family. The main problem with those ideas is that I don't know why one would subject any decent Americans of African descent to a woman of Winchester's ilk, I simply cannot imagine a human being that would deserve what Winchester has to offer.

After doctors do draw up a treatment plan for a person suffering from racist inclinations, who pays for the treatment? ObamaCare? That's far too ironic to even contemplate.

The next question that begs for an answer is this one...what other types of assholes will be up for an appointment after we call racism a disease? Movie stars like Mel Gibson? Spouses who have a propensity to cheat? Nit wits who expose their own children to the world like those nuts with 20 or so kids (and still counting! Even after it's been proven that the mother no longer has a cervix strong enough to carry a child to term.)?

I also wonder, if every idiot in the United States is simply ill, who will be left to pay for treatment of their idiocy? I currently have a nasty cold and no one is sending me any free Sudafed...why should I pay to treat a racist hag without the brains to keep her hateful comments to herself?

I like America and it's true that we have the right to be racist if we so desire. But that right ends where Mr. Hugson's right to be free from assault begin. People too stupid to realize that fact don't deserve taxpayer funded treatment, they deserve to learn from the wrath of decent human beings which is why we as a society simply must continue to demonize true demons.

BTW, I fully support most of the ideas proposed by the Tea Party.


Anonymous MkUltra said...

Honestly, it seems pretty clear to me that she is mentally ill. I wouldn't necessarily say that racism is a mental illness but rather a manifestation that occurs in many people that suffer from known mental illnesses. Kind of like those schizophrenics that all think the government is beaming thoughts into their head because they hear voices or that carry around a copy of catcher in the rye. Maybe its some kind of fear based illness that is triggered by xenophobia. In that case, when they go into outburst mode, they are just venting fears or saying things they know will get the wheels of a stuck social machine moving.....looks like i came around to late for the tea party racists discussion. to bad. :)

November 16, 2010  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Your comment makes perfect sense to me but as a practical matter, how do you treat these people? I guess I have a problem with making excuses for this type of behavior. Not that you have, but some may. You've inspired my next post, thanks!

November 17, 2010  

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