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Monday, December 13, 2010


...I found the garage. It was a mess and not pleasant to be in. But, as it's gotten colder and children are closer to my person for longer periods of time, I decided to hide in it. At first I would read books and then I began to look around. After a while of that, I noticed that there were some pretty cool things tucked away.

Someone had built two walls out of one side of the garage and fashioned them with shelves and cabinets. There was also a counter which I quickly cleaned off.

Oops! I made a clean spot.

I took away everything I could carry and left what I could not. I put up Styrofoam walls after cutting holes for the electrical stuff. I found a HUGE piece of something really heavy, covered with some soft of tightly woven linen and it wouldn't surprise me if it was marble. I tossed that on the counter. (Now that I think of it, maybe I should take the linen off of that sucker.)

Anyway, next I cleared the floor area of everything except a large red can that
said FLAM on the side. Other letters have faded but the can was pretty light and it didn't stink so I just left it lodged under the counter.

There was a lot of junk on the floor but then again there was so much junk on the entire floor that the junk from one little 8' x 7' room-like thingie wouldn't be noticed. So, I cleared out my roomie thing. Then, I took remnants of carpet off of a shelf that couldn't reach. I could have, but my shoulder doesn't agree with me. I had to get help but that's all the help I had with my little project.

Halfway though this project I noticed a wall heater. It didn't put out much hot air at all, but it is -4 outside so every little bit helps. Oh, I should mention that, from the beginning, the center of my world was a toaster oven that I found right before I began decorating. Like the Tigres and the Euphrates, I had begun my cilvilation and subsequent migration out of the house-O-children and into a satellite place to be, all because of a warm spot in the garage.

Now that I've made it comfortable, I need to make use of it. Isn't that what men do when they build a shop?

There is a huge difference. All I want to do is find a place to be alone. I could do that in the house and be welcome to do it. But, that's not good enough, men...is it? That's why you guys use power tools. Now you HAVE to go to the garage. It's your little way of leaving the house. No woman wants a tablesaw in the den.

I like to knit. That's not an activity that will get you kicked out of most rooms. I would need power tools. Damn, I HAVE power tools! They're all over the garage! I just need to learn to use them all. Anyone wanna help?

Uhm, I found this out there too:

The last occupant of this place was nuts...and he has no expiration date! That explains the demons I felt out there.


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