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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Recently I visited a friend...

...I've known for a long time through my daughter, who is as pleasant and mystifying as am I. I always assumed she was good, after all she is my daughter. But, I never expected her to be doing my material. I'm sort of unhappy about that because she isn't passing the credit along.

Her friend was talking about my daughter's antics as I was slowly recognizing the tactics my kid had used. Her friend laughed and added, "Who else but Annie would come up with something like that!?"

Well, I would. My daughter was using Meg's Original Pranks without so much as a single credit. I would have been nice enough to give my mother credit, especially if the prank was one of those pranks that develops along with the parties involved, like prank phone calls. I used to use 3-way calling to "connect" other people together on the phone so that I would hear:



"Who is this?

Who is THIS?"

It was fun back then but today they have aps on I-phones that disguise your phone number so my kid does a high tech version of the prank, but the original is mine and she should have mentioned that to her friends.

That's it. I just wonder what other stuff she's taken credit for that was originally mine.


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