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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I guess that would drive out the demons who would dare to wipe out a holiday that happens right in the middle of the biggest holiday season of the year. I think our next revolution will happen, not by angry mobs of drunken rabble, but by flash mobs of Christians in praise of their Lord.

Ahh...I love people.

Last night I met a wonderful person...her name is Chris and she was a child during the Uprising in Nazi occupied Poland during WWI. She was a peach and we had a LOT to share on the train ride back to Elgin. It's official...I attract other old people therefore I am old.

The ride was so pleasant after it occurred to me that I could really be myself around a nutty but fun old lady. I could say whatever popped into my old head and I did. We talked about the day when it was safe to wear a fur coat because those suckers are warm and worth every penny they cost to wear. But, I don't look good in red so lately I go out of my way to avoid PETA and that herd.

Chris and I learned that we both prefer to wear fox, we both like a nice steak and we've both been around long enough to have stories that involve more than one continent. Of course, she had more Nazi stories and I had more flashbacks...but we made it work.


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