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Friday, December 24, 2010

Today I have the worst nurse I have ever met...

...and I have met some god awful BAD nurses. It took a while for her to really annoy me since I was in such a good mood but once she got going, she did a great job of breaking at least 3 cardinal rules of nursing.

First she refused to give me my xanax and ranted about all of her reasons for doing so. While she was ranting, she actually threatened me with a bed alarm if I got out of bed without asking her first. All of the nurses have reminded me to call them before I get up but not one of them has threatened me with restraints if I don't.

Then, after refusing to give me the xanax, she changed the dose of my pain medicine and told me that my doctor had changed the order. The doctor didn't. So, her reason for not giving me my xanax was that I was on such a high dose of pain medicine but she lowered the dose all on her own. The doctor never reduced the dosage at all but I didn't find that out until later.

Then she argued with me and tried to tell me that I had fallen yesterday when I know that I didn't fall. I told her that I hadn't fallen and she asked me what DID happen after I told her nothing had happened and at that point I realized that she was just going to argue with me continually so I stopped talking to her myself.

By the way, you do not EVER:

Threaten patients
Change doses without a doctor's order
Argue with a patient after you have broken the above rules

So, now I'm stuck with a nurse who is writing her own orders and obviously doesn't want me to have any of my medicines. Interesting. BTW, her name is Seebe, she calls herself Sybil and she works on 5 Center at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield Illinois.

With any luck at all, I will never see her again.

PS I haven't seen her again and I won't. They gave me to one of the best nurses I've ever had, Flo. I'm safe again!


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