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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Were you all aware...

...that there are places on this planet that currently have a temperature of 2? And that's not counting the wind chill factor which is really what gets you. I can put on 3 pairs of socks, one pair of footie's, large shoes, long johns, jeans, a t-shirt, a long sleeve pull over, a large sweat shirt, a coat, gloves two hats and two scarfs and within 3 minutes of being outside my pupils freeze solid. It's like walking in liquid nitrogen.

I used to think that I hated hot but I've changed my mind, I hate cold. I used to say that you could always put on more clothes but I already look like a really fat homeless lady so I don't see how adding any more clothing would help. Once I tried a blanket on my lap and one wrapped around my shoulder but I just looked like an old Italian homeless person. That was no good so I'm back to my regular homeless look.

My "shop" has tuned into a rather cozy little place. I took pictures yesterday which I'll put up here in a minute. Oh heck, I'll do it now.

This one is my TV, my coffee cup and my coffee cup warmer. I could even make toast in my coffee cup warmer if I wanted to. It has a broil setting too but I can't imagine being stupid enough to broil something in a toaster over and then complain that it caught on fire. By the way...on the front of the toaster oven, it says, "In case of flare up, keep door closed." What the hell is a "flare up"? Shouldn't it just say "FIRE"? Anyway, here it is, with my hairbrush:

That must be some nice carpet because I didn't notice he orange juice on it until the next day. It never absorbed. I was able to wipe it off after I finally figured out what the hell it was.

And here is my entertainment center...I can keep in touch with the entire world. I also have 2 kinds of phones out there, a land line and a cell phone. The boom box speakers are perfectly placed for optimum audio quality. If you happen to have an extra relcliner, I could use it:


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