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Friday, February 22, 2013

A Curse On You!!!

Those who disliked goats caused a curse on the Cubs that has lasted until this day. People have been talking about the Cubs and their curse for decades, but the curse I'm putting on The Philadelphia Eagles will last a WHOLE LOT LONGER. If you think goat haters can place a curse, you should see what dog lovers are capable of.

There was only one goat involved in the Chicago curse...there were countless dogs involved in the Phillies curse. So, this is gonna be one helluva long curse that the Phillies will be suffering...mark my word. Dog lovers everywhere are behind me on this curse, Billy Sianis was the lone curse placer and look what he did to the Cubs all by himself! Imagine what dog lovers everywhere can do to the team who paid Mike Vick to play football...badly I might add.

We all know that Philadelphia has the rudest fans in the world so add that to the fact that they cheer for Mike Vick and Phillie is left with one nasty, long lasting curse.

So, I hereby curse the Philadelphia Eagles...and I can place one mean curse.


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