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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things Stupid Men Say And Think

1. "Come on, I just need some relief, it'll only take 5 minutes."

2. You're white, obviously you won't mind me using words like nigger, peurko ricans and nips. (I REFUSE to believe that I'm the only white person who tells other white people not to use racial slurs in my presence because the way I was raised, it was absolutely the WORST word that one could utter and it makes me very uncomfortable. How do these yahoos think this is acceptable under ANY circumstances? Somebody must be letting it slide.)

3. "I gave you twenty dollars, where's the change...and the receipt?"

4. All stupid men respond to certain statements in the same way. If a woman says, "You just hurt my feelings.", all stupid men respond thusly: "No I didn't."

5. They all make up fake "witnesses" who have "seen" you creeping around the condos at night. This is just a STUPID ploy to get you to admit to something that never happened. There is only one possible response to this idiocy, "Take me to one of them...just ONE of your "eye witnesses". They can't trust you because they themselves cannot be trusted. Remember, he who peeks behind doors has hidden behind many.

I have to make myself a nice cheese-steak, I bought all the right stuff. I'll be back with more stupid sayings by stupid men.


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