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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How is the weather?

I was listening to the radio today and I heard Happy Together by the Turtles and when it got to the part where he goes...

"Happy together,
How is the weather?"

...I wondered why the heck they tossed that line in there. I know the whole song is a bit pedantic but seriously...'how is the weather'? The entire song is about love and happiness and then all of a sudden he sings about the weather. Whatever. I bet they had weed at THAT meeting.

OK...earlier this afternoon, when I heard the song, for the first time in over 40 years, I noticed how stupid that was. It was a thought, nothing more but it was one of those thoughts that I write down. I do that a lot, if I can find a pen and paper before I forget what I wanted to remember.

Anyway, when I got the pen and paper, I wrote down my thought and then I kept writing. This is what I came up with, verbatem, as I wrote earlier:

Happy together.
How is the weather?

Why is that sentence there?

I am still writing because I wanted to see how long it would the other person in this room to ask me what the heck is taking me so long. You'd think he would say something sooner rather than later. OK, now he is busying himself with stupid stuff within his reach. I doubt he'll wait too long after he finishes what he's doing, he's rather impatient and we're supposed to be on the way out the door after I write down a thought. Now he's asking me about Google. He's checking his phone. I hope he doesn't explode when he does get sick of waiting. I'm writing this by hand so it's taking me a long time to do it. Ya know, I wish he would just jump us and say something, I'm getting writer's cramp. Now he's talking to me about T-Mobile and roll-over minutes. AHA! He just pleasantly asked me if we could leave now. Uh oh, he just asserted pertly, "I guess that's it!" and he bolted for the door...Gotta go!


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