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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good morning!

I spent the last day thinking and planning and I've come up with a plan. I'm out and about right now but when I get a few moments, I'll be back to tell you what I've come up with. I think it's a winner and you will all have a chance to tell me what you think. Here's a hint, there's an airplane in the plan!


Blogger q1605 said...

You're teasing this more intently than an episode of chopped.

July 11, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Actually, that was unintentional. First, I left my charger behind and couldn't get it. When I did get it, I spent an entire day charging before I saw the break in the cord. I fixed that and then couldn't get a wireless network. After hours of troubleshooting, I saw that the stupid WIFI button was turned off. I fall for that one every single time. By the time I saw the news pop up on my screen, I was so happy I was stupid happy. I had obviously been so far longer than I had even realized.

July 12, 2013  

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