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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Well I don't know what to think...

...about this coming presidential election. If anyone had told me 6 months ago that I would consider a Clinton the best choice out there I would have laughed until my milk shake came out my nose. But at least as far as the democratic nomination is concerned, Hillary HAS to keep fighting. If she doesn't, she will leave this country with very few options come November.

So many pundits are kibitzing about when Hillary will drop out of the race and not one of them has considered the possibility that Hillary knows something that we don't know about her opponent. Perhaps she knows exactly WHAT Obama was doing in his church for 20 years. Maybe over her many travels she has, on occasion, had to interact with the Reverend Wright's of the world and she is aware of just how much they hate not only white people, but their God as well. I saw her and Bill exiting quite a few black churches over the years, I imagine she knows a LOT more than the average white woman running for president.

It wasn't very long ago that the black community called Bill Clinton "the first black president". The Clinton's led the charge when the black community came out in droves for them and any cause they were touting at the time. But, something unexpected happened. An almost black dude came along and took the thunder way from Hillary. I doubt that she cried about it as Phlegler the Insane would have you believe, but it had to have made her feel a little bit betrayed.

And you know what happens when whitey feels slighted, don't you? Why, we get bitter, we cling to our religion and we worship a murderous God...Oh wait, that last one was Jeremiah Wright. My bad.

Anyway, can you imagine the bitterness felt by the first black president himself? He went from a world where he was worshipped by any and all who he deigned worthy of his presence. Then, one spring morning he wakes up to find himself described thusly in a magazine of no less stature than Vanity Fair:

"...the smiling, snowy-haired man who is the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral he attends, the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton..."

Ooh, that got him. Maybe not below the belt, but it was in the general vicinity.

Vanity Fair then goes on to discuss the ex-President's private life in great detail. In this drudgingly long article, the author justifies innuendo and gossip tossing about the names of everyone from an "auto-parts heiress" to Kevin Spacey. Oh, let us not forget Clinton's association with Ron Burkle of whom Vanity Fair said, when discussing a wedding attended by both Burkle and Clinton:

"...Burkle had come with an attractive blonde, described by a fellow guest as “not much older than 19, if she was that.” Burkle’s usual means of transport is the custom-converted Boeing 757 that Clinton calls “Ron Air” and that Burkle’s own circle of young aides privately refer to as “Air Fuck One.”..."

Quite a few implications are made before the author concedes:

"...no one who was there has adduced the slightest evidence that Clinton’s behavior was anything other than proper.."

If you had told me that I would EVER be defending BJ Billy I would have laughed in your face before I smacked it.

My ex husband made me understand country music after his affair with some bimbo in a trailer park. And Obama's fellow parishioners made me feel the Clinton's pain. Those are two things that I have gone through great pains to avoid.

Reporters are currently asking residents of Puerto Rico and Montana how they feel about hosting the umpteenth obscure primary that "could make all the difference in the world". I just heard Geraldo throwing about his massive Puerto Rican weight to get closer to Hillary as she literally walked across the island to meet and greet all 12 residents. And some bitter cowboy with a gun speaking from Custer's Last Call Bar and Grill. They were both "shocked" to find that their 62 combined registered voters could possibly make a difference in a Presidential election.

Of course it does appear as if Obama has the nomination locked up and next month you may hear me espousing the virtues of McCain.

Since I could see no candidate that I could honestly vote FOR, I had long ago resigned myself to voting AGAINST something for President. This year I am voting against Black Liberation Theology.


Blogger Karin's Korner said...

Thank God! I will be voting against the same. I am so worried what this country will become if "What's his nuts" Obama gets elected. Scary!!

June 02, 2008  

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