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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father sells baby on Craigslist...

...or at least he offered to sell the 7 day old infant on Craigslist. Asking price, ten grand. Sticking point...mother is not cooperating in the sale. Sober since learning that she was pregnant, 23 year old Bethany Granholm referred to the baby's father as "a bit of a dick" when questioned. Her child was placed in protective custody after police tracked down the would be merchants by simply calling the number in the ad.

Police deny reports that the baby's 26 year old father replied, "Speaking." after the cops called and asked for "the knucklehead who is selling the baby".

I've had husbands do some dumb stuff...but none of them ever tried to sell the children.

None of the reports contain denials from the father regarding drug use although there are a few allusions to that effect. Jeremy Pete maintains that although it was probably "one of the biggest mistakes that I've ever made", it was merely a joke. By way of proof he offers the fact that he "hung up on one guy who called." I just have one question...how many drugs do you have to do before putting your newborn infant for sale online?

I apologize...but I just thought of another question. If you WERE going to put a baby for sale as a joke, wouldn't you think it would have been funnier if you gave a different number...say maybe PaPa John's or something like that?

That wasn't a very creative joke. But I guess we all think our own jokes are pretty good. About 25 years ago, they came out with three way calling in my area. One day I decided to call two people and connect them (you just call one of them, click over, call the other one quickly, click again and wait for them both to answer.), then just sit back and listen to the conversation.

Eventually, someone would say, “So, why did you call?”

Naturally, someone always responded, “I didn’t call, you called me!”

Then they would both say something like this, “Ooohh! That’s spooky.”

At first, I hooked up people I knew. I hooked up my high school sweetheart with his best friend. That was fun. Halfway through the conversation, after the “Why did you call?” and the “I didn’t call.” part, I made a clicking sound and said, “Hello?” We all spoke. Luckily, they hadn’t said anything nasty about me. They wouldn’t have, I didn’t meet any really nasty people until I was 24 and I was only 21 at the time.

After a while, I ran out of people who knew each other so I started using the phone book to find John Smith Jr. and John Smith Sr.

The only thing I felt bad about was hearing this, “Mom, it’s Grandma, she SAID she didn’t call!” That was funny to me at the time. Oh well, I have company coming over so I have to go. Have a nice night...I know I will.



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