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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I don't know if...

...I'm just really good at reading people or if people are just really bad at manipulating me but I can pick up on the most subtle sign of manipulation that is ever aimed at me. I was on the receiving end of a barrage of sly little insults, none of which had anymore effect on me than would a 4 year old who stuck his tongue out at me. It's good for a lot of reasons, self protection being a biggie. But it's an absolute deal breaker because of the childish nature of most of the little arrows sent straight at my self esteem.

I spent last evening with a very bright man. He is a scientist, he has a law degree, he taught law for years and he holds several patents on numerous inventions of his own. But when it comes to petty banter, he isn't any smarter than a high school junior who wants to annoy a female. We all have our own particular genius and mine is reading people. Obviously it doesn't always work, I did marry a bum after all. But when there aren't as many feelings involved, the verbal cherry bombs are as easy to identify as a raspberry sprayed in your face.

I have to deal with this guy now but I'll be back to tell you how I spent my night...and it's an interesting story, especially how I ended up sleeping on the couch.



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