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Friday, May 29, 2009

Uh oh, I've met a bright liberal...

...who is as wrong as he can be but when it comes to politics, his critical thinking skills disappear along with his scientifically open mind.

I belong to no particular party, I simply have opinions on issues like everyone else. But, I don't suffer from the need to worship any other human, be he a religious, political or musical God. And I certainly would never think to use degradation of another as my main talking point in a political or religious powwow of any kind. I can't imagine when I WOULD use degradation of another...unless of course the other is my lying, cheating, SOB of an ex husband.

When my electricity was out earlier this month, I did a lot of reading, mainly during the day of course. I happened to read two books about Reagan one week and I made a couple of allusions to him. For some reason the response I received was, "Everybody knew he had Alzheimer's while he was in office." I knew that if Reagan DID have Alzheimer's in office, it was early and no one knew about it. He was an old man and we old people do old people stuff. There's nothing wrong with that. Last week I found my purse in the lettuce bin. Do I have Alzheimer's? Who knows. But my verbal sparring partner went back over 20 years to when big hair was in, straight men danced in pink shorts in videos and Peewee Herman was still just a playful character just to find one point. He brought back some declarations that could never be proven or disproven.

Then he took them and entered them into a discussion about current events. What do you do when you're confronted with something stupid like that? I don't even know how to respond because it isn't one of the many things I've pondered over the years.

When things like that happen during a political discussion and not so subtle digs are made at those with whom I concur on any given issue, I realize that I am entering a "battle of the wits with an unarmed person". That pretty much ends any further serious discussion on my behalf.

I can see this behavior evoking emotional responses from some people, especially nutty women. He HAS to know that a heated argument is an option but he doesn't seem to mind. I must be terribly disappointing to someone attempting to pick a fight or make me angry because there just isn't much that I care about enough to bicker about or get emotional over. But still, many men have tried in vain to "get my dander up" and although they can be a minor irritant, they don't really get the reaction they're looking for so I win by simply limiting my exposure to such irritants.

You know, sometimes I think that I'm a bright woman but when I see men using blatant and poor manipulation techniques, I feel like a fricking genius. Especially when the man is well educated and can honestly claim some rather haughty accomplishments. But, when it comes to political discussion, he can't help himself...he MUST attack Republicans because he thinks that I am one. Whatever. I've met rednecks who made more sense than a liberalista who is consistently on the offense and more narrow-minded than a Democrat in 1956 Mississippi.

The party of segregation no longer despises black people openly but they can't overcome their intense desire to place themselves above someone...anyone. They've chosen Republicans and they justify the "viewism" that they practice in many varied ways but few of the ideas hold up to any degree of scrutiny.

Rude politicians like Harry Reid make unnecessary rude comments about Barbara Bush in a book and that's OK. But, had Newt Gingrich countered with Obama mama cracks, he would be pelted with tomatoes and demonized as a racist hypocrite. The last successful demonization of one group of people by another group of people resulted in the Holocaust. I never understood how the Germans could be so mislead but when I see a liberalista or a right wing fanatic, I start to see how it could be done.


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