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Monday, May 25, 2009

Even if my date...

...is a socially responsible gentleman, something always screws me up after I go out with someone. This time I had a great time and never once had to play defense. Of course, that brings out the affectionate side of me so I did grab a knee here or there. But that was on me.

I guess today's problem is on me as well. Saturday night I went to a family bar-b-que with a date and had a wonderful time. People brought guitars and bongo's. The guitars were played but no one would volunteer to play the bongo. I hadn't had nearly enough to drink to pull off a bongo solo but I did have enough to sing. Now remember, I can't sing and as everyone knows, if you can't sing well, it always sounds better if you sing louder. Try it. Even without booze it works.

So, I sang right out loud. Yep, I sure did.

But that's not the problem. It may be A problem, but it isn't THE problem. THE problem is that I haven't gone anywhere since then, I didn't drive and I paid no attention to car keys. I'm not used to having car key responsibility. After looking everywhere I could possibly think to look, I called Mr. Saturday night who was in the shower at the time. I tried not to think of the guy naked as he spoke to me and I asked him if he had seen my keys.

Well, he didn't get out of the shower quickly to check, but after he got himself clothed, he found them under the passenger seat. Of course he was showering because he was on his way to work and he can't bring me my keys until much later, so much later that he doesn't even know when. "Sometime today." is the only promise I got from him and that's sort of vague. Anyway, I guess I can find something to do...sleep is always good.

I have a car but I can't get at it!


Anonymous Cameron Sharpe said...

“Dating is a numbers game, so skip the old rules of ‘a nice person only dates one at a time.’ The more you date, the better the odds of finding someone wonderful worth weeding out from the pack. Plus, a full social calendar and lack of instant availability brings out the hard-to-get reaction in the opposite sex without actually having to play a game!”

May 29, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Oh, I play the numbers. If I started adding them all up I'd waste too much time. So many men, so little time.


May 30, 2009  

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