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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I don't know what the heck my absence yesterday was all about because no one ever emailed me to let me know what was happening. Not that I could have read the email...Google disabled my entire account so I couldn't even get to the Blogspot homepage, let alone read my email. It would have been nice if whoever took the time to disable my account would have taken the time to send an email...even a "form" email letting me know that I should expect some interruptions in my service. Oh well...I'm sort of surprised that it took so long for this blog to go MIA.

It's not as though I haven't annoyed people in the past. I've been a bi-otch from hell a few times over the past five & a half years and, I might add, to people of higher stature than any yahoo who I may have rankled lately.

I didn't know the account was being disabled and I wasn't aware that it was back until I accidentally hit the wrong link. I'm just glad it's back. And of course, I'm glad that you're back.

I gotta tell you, I was one paranoid chickie yesterday! The blog went missing right after I had written about some "local law enforcement issues". At one point I went into my room and when I walked back into the kitchen, I smelled smoke. It was more like burning electricity but the room was smoky. I never did find out what that was but later, when I got in my car and turned the key, I must admit, I cringed a bit waiting to blow up.

I drove away from my house a couple of times yesterday and before I did, I checked every light on my car. Then, I drove a bit UNDER the speed limit, using both my directionals and my arms to signal my next move. I was the safest, most law abiding driver this side of the Pecos. I've pretty much been the most law abiding citizen in the state lately as it is. I may be caustic, obnoxious and defiant...but I'm not stupid.

Before I have a visitor to my home I have to mention, as a matter of course, that "if you have any outstanding warrants, I'd rather you didn't come knock on my door". It's not as though I associate with crooks and but I don't want to give the cops a reason to knock on my door OR break it down. So far no one has had to cancel a trip over here but one guy did have the cops walk in on him.

A friend of mine wanted to watch something on TV and I was leaving. I didn't mind leaving him here alone, he's a good enough friend that I trust him. But, when I asked him if HE had any wants or warrants, I don't think he took me seriously. He left when he found the police walking around my house with flashlights and I don't blame him one bit. But when he called me the next day he wanted to bellyache about that experience. I was fine with it, I told him not to come over unless he wanted to run into a few flat-foots. He should have taken me seriously...I would never have said that flippantly.

Do you guys remember the nutty dude who assaulted me? Well, it's been suggested to me that he wouldn't be stupid enough to email me like he's been doing without some degree of coaching from other people who would look better if I appeared stupid in court. Of course, I don't know when that might be because I haven't heard a thing from the city since the police left my house that last time. I have no idea when his court date is or even if I'm invited.

I wasn't invited to Rick's court date after he was arrested for domestic violence. No one said a word to me. I just assmued that his lawyer was postponing the whole thing and that sooner or later I would get a subpoena but I never did. One day my phone rang and it was the prosecutor calling to tell me that Rick got time served. Then, just to be a wiseguy, he said, "I wouldn't have fought so hard for you but I heard that you were quite ill when this happened."


Why wouldn't he have fought so hard for me if I hadn't been sick? I'm not terribly sick right now so does that mean he won't fight hard now? And if Rick was any indication of how hard he can fight, I have a jury in L.A. that he needs to meet.

This is a scary town. I'm frightened and I want to go home.



Anonymous Sylvie said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I meant to check last night but got interrupted and never did get on the computer. I was worried something had happened since I hadn't checked your blog for a couple of days and suddenly you were gone.

July 16, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Thanks! I would NEVER leave without a word so if that happens again, you know something happened. If it SHOULD happen again, google "Where is Meg Kelso?" and I should be easy to find like that. I will tag a site with that question.
I'm glad that YOU'RE back!


July 16, 2009  

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