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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mike Vick Killed My Brother...

...and his name was Jeff.

In a bold and daring fashion, Payton drove all over the city of Atlanta today. He stood high above the sign on the food lady's car that read, "Mike Vick Killed My Brother". Reaction to Payton and his message was mixed, with half of the responders giving a "Thumbs Up!" to Payton as he drove by and the other half shouting derogatory comments to his driver. Payton wants it to be known that in the future, any and all negative comments regarding his brother's murderer should be directed to Payton...and not to his people. (Contrary to popular opinion, Payton is not named after the football great Walter...but for the dog that he left behind.)

(Payton apologizes for the blurriness of the pictures, he had a tough enough time getting his car that far back without falling off of the carport steps.)


Blogger ori said...

i'm missing some crucial point here. as for the blurry pic, i'd swear it's a pit bull in a grand piano.

July 31, 2009  
Anonymous ann said...

watch out, you might get shot down in the atl

August 04, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I've thought about that. I only do it during the day and I figure if I DO go down for this...some animal rights people will name something after me.


August 04, 2009  

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