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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health care is a bitch and I don't care

Why is the swine flu sweeping through countries full of white people? You would think that at least ONE third world country would contract the dreaded disease. Do you know anyone who's gotten the swine flu? Do you really think we ALL need to get the vaccine? If you listen to the government, over 40% of us will get sick if we don't get vaccinated...with 4 vaccines...have you been frightened enough yet?

Some legislator was talking about his wonderful plan to prevent nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections and said that it will cost billions to implement (which will pay for itself within a year!!!). You know, we already have a pretty good plan...health care professionals are supposed to wash their hands between patients. It works if you work it.

How come all of the plans that will "pay for themselves" are costing billions and billions and billions of dollars?

When Roe V. Wade was passed, the government made a big deal about privacy and not "coming between a patient and doctor". I wish I had been able to tape THAT angle in 1973.

What the heck defines a health care crisis? Are people dieing in the street? Where are all of these uninsured people and why don't I see more sick people with no insurance?

We should limit the money that goes to attorneys in malpractice suits and then see what happens before we do anything else.

I don't trust a salesman who tries to scare people into buying without having all of the necessary information. That salesman usually knows that he's hawking a ROTTEN PRODUCT!

And on top of ALL of that...what real mandate gives the federal government the task of even DEALING with health care?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dummy most people who get the swine flu never even know they have it so we dont know how many people get it

July 25, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Do you know what it's called when you have an illness that causes no symptoms and you never even know that you've been sick? They call it healthy.


July 25, 2009  

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