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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Is it me or...

...are men freaking out all over today? Yesterday was a bad day for me so I went to bed way early...like 6 PM early. While I was sleeping in my bedroom, my phone was ringing in my kitchen. Of course I couldn't hear it and to be honest, I didn't WANT to hear the damn thing. That's specifically WHY I shut the door and left the phone charging in the other room.

One guy tried to call me between 7 and 8 and apparently, another one saw my car, stopped by and knocked on my window between 8 and 9. I heard him knocking, but he couldn't come in. I wasn't in the mood to be a hostess so I stayed in my bed all curled up in a ball and went back to sleep.

When questioned today, I told the truth to both men. Obviously, neither of them asked the RIGHT questions...they both simply wanted to know why I was unavailable to them when they had time for me so I told them. Then, I received this email from the phone dude:

Do you REALLY expect me to believe this “cock- and-bull” story?

And this one from window man:

Whatever!!! I looked in the BR window. Dog got on the bed and barked at me on 3 different trips to the bedroom!!! I could see the bed - nobody was in it!!!

I WAS in the bed, but he couldn't see the one corner of it that I was balled up in from his vantage point...as he was PEERING into my bedroom window, I might add. I sensed so much hostility in his email...what with all of those exclamation points. Oh, and I never would have locked my dog up in my bedroom without me in the bed so he should have known better than that. Why would I leave the house with my HUGE dog locked up in a back room and my car in the driveway? It made more sense that I was telling the truth than it did that I was lieing to him. I must say, I'm glad the dog barked at him and sorry he didn't pull a Hooch and jump through the window after the fool.

To answer phone dude's stupid question...YES!!! I DO expect you to buy that "cock and bull story". It 's the fricking truth. Why on EARTH would I lie to these guys? I could just have easily said, "It's none of your damned business where I was, you thick, obtuse Scaramouch!"

After the second accusation, I sat and wondered why TWO people who supposedly know me would doubt my veracity. I've never lied to either one of them so they have no reason in the world to think that I would.

Then it suddenly occurred to me...it wasn't me, it was them. I remembered something from back in my old married days...HE WHO LOOKS BEHIND DOORS HAS STOOD BEHIND MANY.

Oh yeah...I forgot. It's time to clean house and find a new harem.


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