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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Keep in mind that these are only ALLEGATIONS...Davis is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now I must gargle with Listerine.

This is just a quick post...

...to bring you up to date on Donessa T. Davis. I've just read a few more details of his most recent hijinx. In the past week he has been arrested on child abuse allegations, jailed, owned by (at last count) four women and people have said that we should all feel badly for this victim of a "sexual assault". Well, pardon me for sniggering, even relishing, in one man's torment but if ever there was a man whose torment was well earned, Donessa T. Davis Sr. is that man.

By the way, to those who ask, "Would you still feel the same way if someone had super glued a woman's labia together?"...yeah. If she was the same reprobate ne'er-do-well that Davis is, I sure would say the same thing. Furthermore, even if I disagreed with the super glue thing, I certainly wouldn't waste my pity or my time defending THAT type of cretin. There are far too many decent people who could use attention.

I believe that most other men realize that this is NOT a cause to roll out coat sleeves over. "Nessa" is a bully of the worst type. He brutalizes women and children with equal glee and verve.

He is...stuck in the middle with glue.

This despicable piece of fish turd (pond scum is too good for him) gave his 8 year old daughter a "swollen eye and a knot on the head" because she answered when her Mommy asked, "Who painted your fingernails?"

Apparently, the little girl's response started this entire mucilaginous saga that promises to get much more interesting as developments occur. If I were CNN, I'd keep one of those satellite trucks right there in that small Wisconsin town...it's cheaper than driving back and forth to Green Bay or Chicago.

Most of us have an 8 year old child in our lives. They're actually pretty special humans, aren't they? Babies so recently, these little people are still as innocent and trusting as any 2 year old. They trust parents and look to them for the security that it takes to live a happy little person's life. Without it, kids worry about things they shouldn't worry about. And no kid, anywhere, should have to worry that Daddy will smack her on the head over circumstances SO out of her control. This bastard created a wicked straight jacket for himself and then kicked his kid trying to wiggle out of it while deflecting any and all personal responsibility. What a prince.

He's also been charged with domestic violence against women. I suppose it would take another man to understand what a hideous misdeed THAT is. I'm another chick so a bit of that understanding eludes me but I do know that it sucks to be around an angry man...PERIOD. From my father to my ex, I've seen one angry man after another lose control and cause damage to people and to property. I prefer NOT to be around when that happens so I bolt as soon as a man increases his decibels. This guy must have been a terrorist of the nth degree. Localized...yes. But a terrorist nonetheless.

I'll never know if any of the angry men in my life wanted to do away with me...as far as I know they were happy to settle for random violence. Davis not only had a plan to get rid of his estranged wife (after first taking out a life insurance policy on her.) Not only did he have a plan, he was dumb enough to tell one of his mistresses about the plan. Many may wonder why he was THAT reckless. Well I know. He "floated" the idea around one chick to see if she would say, "COOL! I'll pay the premium!" This guy cared enough to snap his wife's neck, but not enough to earn the insurance money necessary for making a snapped neck profitable. He hoped that his cash COW would help him in a diabolical little plot against the wife. Instead, Davis found himself on the dripping end of a tube of Super Glue.

Do I feel badly for him? Not even one tiny bit. Sorry...that's just honesty. I could easily write that I felt really sad about the poor Mr. Davis and his mother who now has to visit him through plate glass. You would never see me laughing as I typed that BS. But, I find that honesty somehow makes all things OK so I try to stick with that. I like to think that I'd have the courage of my convictions and that I would have glued his balls to one leg as my accomplice glued Mr. Happy to the other...but I can't say for sure....too many variables. I'd have probably looked for a way to participate that didn't include incarceration. Barring that, chances are pretty good that I would have sat that caper out.

As most bully's do, this guy tried to manipulate those weaker than he and he didn't stop at regular words. He used threats, intimidation and violence to control those around him. Of course he surrounded himself with women whose self esteem was as low as a pregnant turtle's belly. They, like the 8 year old girl, were putty in his hands. His control over his minions was robust and unyielding.

But now he sleeps in the midst of some less pliable persons. I'm pretty sure that the combined charges of child molestation, child abuse and domestic violence will do more to hinder than to help his jailhouse status. His pod mates won't be high fiving his stupid ass. The super glued pecker thing is only going to force Davis to work very hard to win friends and influence people in jail. Think about it...he probably STILL has some dried up stuff on his willy and you know he's constantly trying to pick that stuff off. I wouldn't shake hands with him if I were in Wisconsin...he doesn't strike me as a "Wash your hands after touching your own lint trap." sort of guy.


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