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Monday, August 31, 2009


1. Ethel Mertz
2. Hazel
3. Alice from the Brady Bunch.
4. Aunt Bea
5. Hogan and ALL of his heroes.
6. Captain Klink
7. Doctor Smith
8. The Love Boat cast.
9. Endora
10. The Skipper
11. The President
12. Everyone else I see at Fruit Smoothie.
13. The last 4 cops who pulled me over.
14. The nice old grandparents with whom I spent my summers.
15. The mean old grandparents who terrified me.
16. Beaver's parents.
17. My doctor, my dentist and the entire staffs of both offices...except for this one really old chick who rolls around her son's dental office in a Hoveround with Alzheimer's.
18. My father's hideous second bride.
19. The "scary old lady" who lived two doors down when I was growing up. She actually lived in the scary house where Kevin Bacon's childhood friend lived in the movie Flatliners.
20. The frumpy old lady in this picture:


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