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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Alrighty then...

...I was too young to protest over Viet Nam, I was too busy noticing boys to protest over Watergate and I've sort of been busy ever since. I always had some wee munchkin' to consider and although I adore my grandkids...they have their own parents for the tough stuff. So, everyone I care about is pretty self sufficient and all I have is my dog.

That dog at my feet is the closest thing I've had to a friend since my marital betrayal close to 5 years ago. There have been long periods of time that he's actually been the closest thing to a gentleman with whom I had come into contact. He was there when I had my seizure and he's the one who beckoned help. He wouldn't leave my side so instead he took the chair I had fallen from and banged it into the wall until beings with opposable thumbs came to shut him up. He's gotten me out of this house when I was paralysed with agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. When I didn't care enough about myself to take a walk or go to the park on weekends, I cared enough about the energetic mutt next to me to drag myself out for short walks which have matured into work outs and other forms of exercise that I enjoy a tad too much...I seem to have biceps. He was my co-pilot when I had no car as we walked mile after mile, wherever it was we had to go. When I did get a car, he would ride in it with his head above the windshield proving that he liked my convertible more than I did. Now my car has died and we'll be walking again.

It's all good, I've done it before and to tell you the truth, at least now that I know it's terminal, I no longer have to worry about fixing the stupid car. One less thing.

You know...I doubt that anyone can deny that my dog is, at the very least, my friend. And friends as loyal as he deserve more than the betrayal my dog would feel if I turned him in to the cops. I'm not turning him over to the police, I don't care what they do. I imagine they CAN get my dog, but he won't see ME turn him over to the cops. It's a matter of principle and this dog has more principle than some yahoo trying to set me up for a lawsuit. Actually, the joke is on him because I don't have a single thing for him to attach, I traded the last object of value that I owned for a root canal this morning. If he wants any cash from me, he'll have to stand behind Animal Control and my landlord. HA!

Anyway, my dog is now a fugitive and they'll have to come through me to get him. How's THAT for a fine kettle of fish? Tune in later to see how my protest pans out. Oh...and one more thing, if you're a religious type, pray that I'll have the intestinal fortitude required to stand my ground in the little drama that I seem to be embroiled in. I will come back with updates and shall tweet often even if the cops have my house surrounded. Well, ESPECIALLY if the police have my house surrounded...I might be able to get 140 characters out before they break my door down.


Payton and his cat.

Baby Payton.

Payton today.


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