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Monday, September 14, 2009

A house full of stupid young women...

...was raided recently and the women inside freed. It seems as though the women had agreed to be locked up in a house equipped with numerous cameras for a "reality show" being filmed in Turkey. That's not Turkey, Texas. Nope...it's Turkey Planet Earth...the country Turkey. I would understand women in the San Fernando Valley being that stupid...and yes, the women from Turkey Texas could be that stupid as well...but are European women that stupid too?

It appears to be true. But, appearances, as the young women have now learned, can be very deceiving. Women aren't really stupid, they're just naive. That's NOT the same thing.

We are dumb enough to take most men at their word and they seem to know that. It never occurs to us that someone would go to such lengths to get a streaming picture of half naked young women. And who thought that someone could be so damned creative while trying to get that stream? Oh well...it could be worse...what if no men had watched them? Only men themselves know how unlikely THAT would be. You could put old fat ladies on camera naked and all of the men would pop in...at least to see the boobs, or maybe the ass...and they would likely do so more than once.

Once, I mentioned the confusion that I suffered upon the realization that I'm nothing special at all and I refer back to that comment now. I am nothing special. But even so, I could have a man in my bed before the sun goes down. Not tough at all for a woman to do. Men find it harder so they actually NEED the stupid Turkey chicks to get any type of relief in the evening. I guess men need porn like women need lower standards after midnight.

These poor women didn't really do anything WRONG...so much as they chose the wrong men to work with. There are decent men out there, plenty of them. But...the indecent ones go out of their way to be charming while the charming ones are just going about their business most of the time. They don't understand why women are aways taken in by creeps and THAT'S why...creeps are very good at charming. They do it often and well and they've learned what sends women away so they avoid that very thing...honesty. It doesn't come off as well so those guys simply steer clear of it.

I don't know how these yahoo's hide their dishonest traits so well. I just know that...like skidmarks...after a while they simply begin to show up with greater and greater frequency. You wouldn't think there was enough charm in the world to make up for skidmarks...but somehow, there must be. I washed enough of them out of my ex's jockeys over the years...and I never ONCE mentioned them...until the day I started this blog. Being sweet did me no good so I quit being sweet. Actually, I went the OPPOSITE way...I went with bitter.


Bitter is OK as long as you see the humor in it. Luckily for me, I come from a sarcastic, dry and bitter Irish family.


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