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Thursday, September 10, 2009

If you use Twitter...

...and haven't already come across tweeter http://twitter.com/Tweepism2 , you should be aware of the tactics that I have noticed so that you might save time by NOT following this particular twit.

I am just going to tell you what happened with me...you decide what to make of it.

One day Tweepism2 tweeted that I was a "great tweeter". Well be that as it may, I was the not the only "great tweeter" in his tweet.

Intrigued, I went to check out one of my co-tweeter "greats" and found a chick who had only tweeted once...months ago. My humorously pithy tweets ;) were being grouped along with a chick who set up a Twitter account and immediately forgot about it last February. One red flag.

This morning I found myself proclaiming some article "great", along with other tweeters I have never heard of. My name was being used to hawk some site that sold stuff. I hadn't tweeted him/her/they at all, nor did I read the article I was supposed to be promoting. Two red flags.

The third flag is on me so I decided to prevent it by blocking Tweepism2. That may or may not help...I don't know; I'm a relative ingenue when it comes to navigating Twitterland. But I'm not stupid enough to continue a Twitter affiliation with a Tweeter who follows NO ONE yet has 100 followERS. Well, maybe 99 now that I've blocked him/her/them.

I'm sure that many people have caught on to this particular...let's see, I don't want to call it a scam, that's not verbally correct...how about ruse? Shell game? Flimflam? Snow job? Contrivance? Yeah...I'll be generous and call it a contrivance. Some, like me, were and are unaware of such contrivances...so here it is.

There. Now let me write something fun...that was just a PSA.


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