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Friday, December 24, 2010

I want a new dog!!!

I feel ready now. I lost Payton in August and after thinking about it for a few months, I'm finally able to consider finding another canine friend. Odd that Mike Vick is thinking along the same lines, isn't it?

I can't believe that he has the gall to make that desire public but after he actually got another job and is, stunningly, accepted by the NFL and the Philadelphia area...it shouldn't be a surprise that he wants what he wants, no matter how evil he has been in the past.

One idiot actually made the argument that since Vick would eventually have a dog anyway, we should allow him to have one now. Why should we allow that? Who is being considered in these circumstances? Mike Vick and only Mike Vick. It's as though people think he has the right to a dog and that no dog has the right to be free from one of the worst dog abusers in dog abuse history. Dog ownership is a privilege, not a right and no one has a God given right to own a dog, not even the God of Philadelphia.

I want an English Mastiff but financial concerns will probably limit me to a mutt, something that I can easily live with because I want a dog to love, not to show off or make me look like a macho man. Chances are that nothing short of a pit bull will satisfy Mike Vick's self-centered desires.

Anyway, while Vick makes public his plea to own a dog (like a child molester asking to adopt a 4 year old), I'm making public my plea to own a dog who will love me and be my buddy. If you have a dog that needs a home, let me know...I have a home that needs a dog.

All I want for Christmas is to leave this hospital and find a dog waiting for me.



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