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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'm not impressed...

...as a great fighter once said to his opponent, "Ain't so bad!"

Inexplicably, I have been in Chicago for the hugest blizzards in area lore. Consideriong how little time I've actually lived here as an adult, I seem to be around for most historical Chiacgo Blizzards. I was there in '67, driving through Bensenville during the Blizzard of '79 and making a poorly timed visit in '99. So far...this is nothing but a very pretty annoyance. They say the snow is blowing away into drifts. Now...except for the drifts overhanging an occasional gutter spout, I haven't seen any like the drifts in '67 that buried the front of our L-Shaped ranch. It was so massive that we could walk from the street across the yard and over the house where we walked to jump into the backyard snow. THAT was a storm. My father couldn't get in from the city and we were stuck in the suburbs with Mom. For days. All 6 of us. Looking back, I often wonder what her thoughts on birth control were as she applied them to herself. I assume she gave it some thought but I have no evidence to support that concept.

Anyway, all I remember of the '79 blizzard (besides being in a 3 day poker game) is praying a lot when I was trying to get home avoiding drunks and fools driving along side of me. The deal I made was that I would never go out on New Year's Eve again and I haven't. Actually, I don't want to. It's the night they let the nuts out and the blizzard potential just isn't worth it in Chicago. '99 was cool in that it affected me only by a delayed flight, no problem, I just didn't go to the airport. I do NOT suffer airports well and I long for the day that the only obstacle between me and my flight was the fat man waddling slowly in front of me. If you hit the ground running when you were dropped off, you could make a 9:55 flight by getting to the airport at 9:47. Oh well.

Anyway, before '67 you would have to go to before my father was born to read of record setting blizzards and therefore, I have the main events in my list-O-interesting personal life trivia. I think that, so far, this storm has been a bust here in ChicagoLand. While I admit the "pain in the ass scale" is taking a lickin'...any rumors of city-paralyzing, history making storms with it's "shear volume to be feared" have been grossly overstated. We're just fine.

We wiped out the grocery stores yesterday. I bought 2 huge economy size bags of Totino's Pizza Rolls and then nearly finished one of them off yesterday by myself. I could've done it if I were just a LITTLE BIT more piggish. I may stop late, but I generally see the red lights eventually...and a big fat belly is something that I can avoid easily. Not all of my personal red lights are so easily detected and avoided.

Anyway, I'm gonna give this storm a bit more time to show me what it's got or I'm calling it a dud.


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