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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's that time again...

...when the government sets us up for a huge math problem that they can answer themselves. They call it a tax return but rarely do they actually return anything.

They purposely send you a large workbook written in a language that can't be understood by most and then they have an answer sheet that you need to fill out. And THEN, you have to swear to your answer, under penalty of perjury. I'm not sure what that penalty is but it can't be good.

No matter how much money we send the government, they still can't seem to teach our kids math and then they threaten to penalize us for not being able to answer their stupid math questions. Seems like a sting operation to me.

Every year I fill out their silly form and send it to them and then they send it back telling me that I made a math error, I forgot a W-2 form or some such silliness. If they knew that crap in the first place, why did they ask me to do it? I'm fed up with those idiots.


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