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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Psycho Plan

If you haven't ever known a psychopath, you haven't lived. They make every moment interesting and teach people around them how to behave in a manner that will keep the peace...just for now. You sort of live life in two minute increments, constantly maneuvering and behaving in a manner that says, "Keeping that nut calm is my main priority." They will demand that you pay attention to them, and they don't know the difference between good attention and bad attention. Any fleecing of your body or soul (preferably both) is good enough for them.

I absolutely know two psychopaths...I don't know any other people who act like a psychopath well enough to say with certainty that they are, in fact, psychopathic. But the two that I know fit the profile so well that I almost enjoy reading about psychopathy just because I keep saying,, "Yep...that's him."

I say him because the two that I know happen to be male. I'm sure there are female psycho's out there...women who kill children come to mind immediately. Although I've only met one murderer (as far as I know), I don't think I've ever come close to a female murderer. Male or female, I don't suppose one has to be a psychopath to be a murderer...but I'm sure it helps. It's very easy to see how a psychopath could be a murderer. Well, I'm actually referring specifically to the two I know.

I don't have much at all but I would wager every bit of it on the fact that the younger of the two ABSOLUTELY will be in the newspaper some day. The only question unanswered is, 'Which paper...the local herald or the New York Times?'

The older one already has been in the paper.

With all I've ever read about psychopathy, I've consistently read one thing...doctors are not aware of any cure. Drugs won't replace a missing conscience and talk therapy only serves to teach the psycho how to better manipulate those around him. So, what do you do with these people who could easily snap at any given time, taking you or your loved ones along? They truly are ticking time bombs. I don't suppose there would be much support for mass executions of psychopaths so I have another idea. They should all be put on one big boat and then launched, with every decent country on the planet refusing them entry.


Blogger q1605 said...

How about a slow boat with a fast leak?

May 09, 2012  
Anonymous Appl said...

Apparently, I have lived. A lot, because not only did I know a psychopath, I married him. Oops. You are right about them keeping things interesting. Never a dull moment around him!

May 15, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Almost fascinating...'ey? There are times when my mind slows down enough to be truly amazed at the behavior. Marry one? Not at my age but there obviously was a time when I thought with parts of me other than my brain (which has flourished since the surgery which removed the toxic estrogen from my person. The day after the surgery, I was like, "OH! E=MC squared!!! I get it now!)

Have you noticed the way you aren't allowed to do anything by yourself? I find that maddening. I would discuss it more now but I planned on writing a post about that so, see ya later!

May 15, 2012  

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