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Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Farewell to Bacardi

I have to apologize for not coming back yesterday, I really meant to. But, I never did remember what the heck I was gonna say and I ended up going out for a couple of drinks late yesterday afternoon.

I must be hideously out of drinking shape and at my age, the work-out isn't worth the price. I used to be able to drink really well...I practiced a lot when I was in college. I could drink until someone said, "WE AIN"T GOT NO MORE LIQUOR!" Then, I could go home, pass out and wake up ready to ace a chemistry exam.

But alas, nevermore.

I go to bed relatively early most nights and after a couple drinks, I fell asleep earlier than usual yesterday. Then, a few hours  later I woke up feeling like shit. I thought that I must be getting sick so I just went back to bed. It didn't help much, I woke up feeling just as bad. But, I was alert enough to notice the dryness of my oral mucosa. That let me know, I actually had a hangover. It never occurred to me that I would get a hangover after 2 drinks...I wouldn't have even expected it after 3. I know 4 would be pushing it but I rarely even drink one so I don't usually have to worry about hangovers.

I didn't think about a hangover while I was drinking, I wouldn't have because it's never an issue when your drinking habits are as boring as are mine. But, it seems as though my only option now is to never drink again. If I can't even have 2 highballs without feeling like crap, it's not worth the time and expense.

Thank God (literally) for weed.


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