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Saturday, May 05, 2012


Ya know how people will stand in the kitchen, open the refrigerator, pull out a gallon of milk, smell the milk, make a hideous face and then offer you the milk to smell for yourself? It's as though they think you will smell something other than the rancid odor of milk gone bad. Well, I wanted to do something similar. I was going to post the most irritating commercial that New York City ever thought up. It is the anti-xanax. If I don't take half a milligram of the stuff BEFORE I see that thing, then I must take a full milligram afterwards. I was going to post this disclaimer:

If you've seen it, pass on it but if you haven't go ahead...the first time will simply baffle you. It's the repetition that will have you driving to a library 50 miles away so that you can secretly and safely search things like, "Where do you get C4?"

But, alas, I could not find the stupid thing. I'm sure it's out there, I've simply exhausted the energy that I allocated for this particular task.

Instead, I think I'll just digress.

I could let you in on a few of my recent thoughts. Yeah...that's the ticket.

File Under 'This Really Happened'...a few days ago I was sitting in the same room as someone who likes to tell other people to "Shut up." I can't control this nimrod but I can do my best to circumvent some of the foolishness that accompanies his ass. I simply remained quiet and watched the television. Out of nowhere, this guy jumped and said, "Shut up!" He mumbled something unforgettable after that but it was the outburst that piqued my interest. It occurred to me that his need to react (whatever that may mean) supersedes reality.

I recently remembered something that I learned decades ago. It was the first concrete bit of maturity that I ever learned. I heard someone say, "The first sign of maturity is taking responsibility for your actions." I immediately began a life of attempting to do just that. I say attempting because some of my actions made it difficult. But, nevertheless, it is an obvious fact of life that I learned in the late 60's. I thought about that after I heard someone, older than myself by a decade, making excuses for making excuses...seriously.

This is very important for some people. Now, when you are around an idiot who honestly does not see their own idiocy, you tend to overhear a lot of the ridiculous rantings of the idiot. When I see the idiot coming out,  I feel sorry for the victim...for about a minute. Then, I just have faith in the fact that everybody else recognizes the idiot for what they are. Most adults can handle an idiot pretty well, especially if one is so identified. I was eating dinner in a Chinese restaurant the other day and there was a minor altercation at a table very close to mine. One guy got up and, after a few feeble verbal volleys with someone who remained at the table, walked away. As he did, he said, "You're making yourself look stupid." Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't but all I could think was, "If that's the truth, it doesn't really need to be said." Stupidity is in the eye of the beholder so you can leave it up to me to decide one way or another. I guess all of this can be summed up by that old maxim, "Don't argue with a clown, win or lose, you look like an idiot."

OK...today one must do something, anything, that makes one's environment a bit better. It doesn't matter what is done, just that something is.


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