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Friday, January 04, 2013

Lord, I hate cockroaches...

...but last night I met 4. By the time I got to where I was going, the place was closed so I had to take my last 30 bucks and rent a hideous room in the hood. The vermin came in the form of two big ones and two little ones and those little bastards made me keep the light on all night in a room with no heat. I would've thought that the cockroaches could find a better place to hang...but NOOOOO...they liked the nasty little place that I just left.

Right now I'm at a place that lets you use their computer, phone and laundry facilities. They also have some strong ass coffee that I'm sucking down right now. I can't hang here too long because there are other people waiting to use the computer.

I'm giving this chutzpah thing of mine a little more chance to see if something works out well for me and if I can't, I only have one other place to go and no one wants that. It's all good, I'm a big girl and I have faith in me...even if no one else does.


Blogger Wandering Legal Mind said...

Meg, come to PA. Stay with me.

January 04, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Gotta ride? I'd be headed there in a heartbeat.

January 04, 2013  
Blogger Andrea said...

Hello Meg, My name is Andrea. I'm new to your blog and the "blog world". Im so sorry for your situation and the hard times that you are going through right now. I as well am in the process of a divorce, although there is not the issue of domestic violence there was a lot of mental abuse i suffered at my husbands hands. And currently I do have a house to stay in but that will be short lived as he allowed it to fall into foreclosure and im looking for a new place to live with my daughter. He moved out of the house shortly after I served him divorce papers claiming that he "does not feel safe here" mind you im about 140lbs 5"7 skinny black woman and he is almost 300lbs 6'2 white man.....please.... i should not feel safe not the other way around. lol But never the less I just wanted to say to you that there is hope. for it is always darkest before it is light. If you are at all religious, this would be the time to dive head first into it and find comfort. If you are not and are just spiritual take advice from the thousand of people who have come before us and have suffered adversity who have lived to gain wisdom through it. Seek out those quotes,meditations and poems. They are very up lifting,speak them aloud for yourself. I'm enclosing my blog link. I post a lot of the poems,quotes and prayers that I find there. Feel free to stop by, go through the archives comment and enjoy them. I hope to see a post from you soon letting us know you are doing well. Good Luck and try your hardest to stay positive.


January 06, 2013  
Anonymous Family & The Law said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation too. Situations like this is why I developed a divorce blog ("http://www.familyandthelaw.com.au). Although it's focused on Australian family law, there's some great practical tips I think that could help you.

January 07, 2013  

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