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Sunday, December 16, 2012

For Some Reason...

...G-mail is being a dick so I have to answer an email here. Please excuse me:

Hi, My e-mail addy is megkelsobroderick@gmail.com I'm pretty sure it's on my profile, it's the only email addy I've had for so long I can't remember. It shouldn't change anytime soon.

OK, that's done. It's a dreadfully sucky Sunday...the Bears and Tampa Bay BOTH lost, the Vikings won and if I had bet money on the WPA Championship, I would have lost. The Irish chick looked to be a much better shooter, until of course, the finals. Then the chick from somewhere else (sounds sort of Arnoldish but not so hard to understand) won and I never would have called that.

Up until then, I could have beat the Arnold chick but she pullled some hellacious talent out of her ass in the finals. Oh well, I must be old because The Black Widow is doing commercials now instead of shooting and she was at her best when I was at my best. I'm still good, I can beat most men I play but I can't keep the table for the entire night anymore. That sucks.

Then again, so does bowling under 140. I try to hide the fact that I am as competitive as I am but I am one sore ass loser. I've just learned to hide it well. That's sort of like being a good sport, isn't it?


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