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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

HMM...what is THIS crap a sign of?

So, when I do laundry, I do laundry. From the time the clothes begin the first load, to the last load folded or hung up, all I see is laundry. I wash it all together, dry it and put it away appropriately. But others (like my one-time laundry partner) see a pile of shit wrapped up in their clothing. They pull it all out one at a time, going out of their way to avoid any articles of clothing, be they socks, jeans or towels, that they will not personally be donning.

I never said anything because I'm very upfront and honest and I find that when I think I'm reasonably discussing a controversial issue, people get angry...c'est la vie. But that doesn't mean I'm not wondering ..what is that crap a sign of?


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