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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random thoughts: They serve a purpose all by themselves

I think that when you tell a kid what to do, you should tell them why. Otherwise, you might as well send them to boot camp right away.

If you like peppermint and a friend likes wintergreen, sooner or later they should buy peppermint and you should buy wintergreen. If a person lacks that courtesy and you hang around, you will find many other  courtesies lacking as well...and that's never good.

As solid as the Theory of Relativity is the fact that when you take a barky Chihuahua and a yappy dachshund and make a chiweenie, you absolutely cannot override the power of genetics. The chiweenie will never shut up. Like a dude I spoke to the other day, I can't pay attention because all I think is, "Why doesn't he ever take a break? You'd think he'd get a jaw cramp or something." This is one of  those situations where I find myself quietly chanting The Serenity Prayer.

Since I'm cooking as I write this, I'm going to publish this post now because I need to take a large onion and chop part of it up for macaroni and tuna salad, mince part for pico de gallo and slice yet another part for the hamburgers. I'll do my best to get back to the desk before I forget any random thoughts. One way or another, I will be back with more thoughts as long as I'm still physically and cerebrally intact.

See ya really, really soon!

OK, here I be. I was just sitting by the water feeding the local fauna and looking out at the sun glistening off of the relatively calm little waves. It should have been a lovely experience and I guess it was, except for the fact that every so often, something made a splash in the water out of my field of vision. I have no idea what kept making the splashes because whatever it was seemed to be as elusive as the tiny floaters that occasionally visit the periphery of my sight. After I thought about that, it occurred to me that I NEVER see the splashes. I assume they're fish, I DO seem to see the occasional bird crashing onto the surface of  the water. But, if the bird gracefully and quietly slid into the water, I might not see that so it still COULD be a bird.

Anyway, that's how I spent my lunch, sitting by the water in Florida drinking a huge strawberry smoothie that I made myself. It was like fishing only without the alcohol, worms, hook baiting and fish with holes in their mouths. Ya know what? I think I'll be back again, I'm in a good mood and I still haven't finished the smoothie. I shall now do so in the sun.



Blogger Tundra Woman said...

Dear gawd, those non-stop little barkey ankle-biters drive me absolutely insane, Meg. And I like dogs but the barking, anxiety-ridden messes, I don't know how people live with this I tru-wait, I do know:
One day, I stopped by a Vietnam Vet's place for a quick visit. The guy is a good 'ol boy with screaming PTSD. The VA sends his meds through the mail (we're *that* remote) and when I inquired about the ankle-biter, he shrugged and said, "Oh yeah...that's my girlfriend's dog. It'll go on like this for hrs. on end." I asked what the dog was barking about and he responded, "Who knows? If it's awake, it's barking." I said, "What do you think would have happened to this "dog" prior to your meds?" He laughed and said, "It wouldn't have survived a half hr. Now I can't just bank BOTH of them out!"
Damn, I wished I had his meds!

March 15, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I HAVE xanax and I can't take this crap!

March 15, 2013  

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