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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Te laptop Im usin...

...as no working g or h. Whatever spellchecker couldn't fix was painstakingly fixed by copying and pasting the stupid  and h . Anyway, Its not been a bad Mothers Day at all. Oh, the apostrophe is gone too so excuse the lack thereof.
In case there is anyone left who doesn't know that I'm a flake, I offer the proof you need to realize what a nitwit I am.

Last week I went out to shoot pool. Tats wat I do wen I feel like going out. My dad drops me off and I play for a while and then he comes to get me. Waiting for him, I walked over to a nearby laundromat closer to te entrance because there were te outside and it was closer to te feckin entrance. Wen I got ome I realized tat I didn't ave my pool cue. I caisrgt I left it at te laundromat so I went back tere. I walked to te bar and looked were I ad been sitting and asked te bar chick if someone turned it in. Se said no so I went ome. A couple of days later I realized I couldn't find my wallet. I was losing everything I ad.

Te oter day, just for te ell of it, I called te bar again after I printed out MISSINg posters wit a picture of my stick, Rosie. I call er tat because se as roses on te fat end. For no particular reason, I called te bar aain and tey ad it. Se asked me to describe it and ten I went to et er. Ten, I just assumed tat I left my wallet on te oter cair at te laundromat. I ad given up looking for it.

Today I was looking for something else tat I lost. After a couple of ours, just for giggles, I looked in my purse and wat did I find in tat sucker? Wy, my wallet of course. Te one place a woman keeps a wallet is te only place I never looked for it. Later, I found te tird ting I ad lost in a place I ad already looked often...on my desk under a stack of papers. In my defense, I rarely carry a purse. I usually just grab my wallet for ID and stuff, but I rarely carry a purse.

So, I spent 10 days thinking I ad lost a bunch of important stuff wen in reality, I'm just a ding donghappy MotersDay

I ive up copying and pasting because my back hurts too much to sit at te desk any loner. Back later.


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