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Friday, April 04, 2014

The truth shall set you free...

...and I'll be telling a lot of them from now on. First will be the truth about Walter James Lundy. He is still trying to get me to argue with him and in that attempt, he has had Kim Fernandez call me to threaten me with arrest for something that I had nothing to do with.

For a few days a box sat on the coffee table that was addressed to Jim Lundy so we all ignored it. One day Kim opened it up and found a bunch of make-up ordered from QVC. Long story short, Walter is accusing me of ordering the make-up. I never did, of course. If I had, I wouldn't have left it sitting around for days. Besides, that's not where I get my make-up (which I rarely wear anyway).

Walter said that "QVC recorded the order.". That should have been the end of it, obviously it is my opinion that Walter ordered the make-up in order to set me up as he did when he stole 2 grand from his father in order to convince the old man that I had stolen it. When I found proof of Walter's guilt, his father finally believed me. But, he is dependent upon Walter and Walter keeps his father under wraps so that the rest of the family can't get in touch with him. If they did, Jim might want to go live with his sister who, according to Walter, steals everything from his father and even would be willing to have Jim change his will, leaving Walter out.

When Walter sees me, he hollers out threats and other BS, I ignore him, he gets angrier and now he is "going to call the police". There is more to this one, but being in the middle of a lawsuit, I shouldn't discuss it.

Coming soon:

Why the Chinese should never give their girls to Americans.


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