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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't forget...my birthday is next month!

And these are on my list of preferred gifts:

I don't have to have both of them, either one would be acceptable.
I'm fully into my Countdown to 50 and I think I'm going to throw my own self a party. You are all officially invited. My birthday is on a Sunday...I'll have the party on Saturday so that before the party's over, it will actually BE my birthday. I won't turn 50 until 9:36 in the morning, but it WILL be my birthday.
I'd like to invite 2 or 3 guys that I occasionally hang out with. What do you think of that? I would think that at least one of them would consider it a date situation but I wouldn't want a "date" for the evening, but they are nice guys and none of them would be jerks so maybe it'll be just fine.
One way or another, I do have to plan this thing and I should probably do that soon. I have to decide whether or not to tell people not to bring gifts.
Naw...I want presents. It is a BIRTHDAY PARTY after all.
OK, so far the plan is Saturday June 28th and gifts ARE accepted. I'd really like to see one of those cars out in my driveway so if any of you have that type of disposable income, you could dispose some of it on me if you'd like. I'm sure there would be some way for you to write it off so it would benefit us both.
I'll cook, I love hostessing parties with hors dourves and the like. I did a nice job for Jean's memorial...she was a bit of a snob and I did her proud. But that's not a happy occasion so it's not the same as entertaining a festive type thing. I can't wait. Yep, by posting this online I've sort of obligated myself to the plan, haven't I?
Oh! For some stupid reason, my son keeps closing my kitchen curtains. I had to buy new ones because a while back the curtains from both the kitchen AND the dining room disappeared when I was out of state and NO ONE knows what happened to them. I've asked all of my kids and none of them knows...not even the one who stayed here while I was gone. The fricking curtains simply vanished into thin air...off of BOTH windows.
Anyway, I bought new curtains for the kitchen and I had them tied back nicely. It looked quite sweet if I do say so myself. But just about every morning, I come into the kitchen and the curtains are closed. I've told that brat a MILLION times that they are there to be opened, but he just won't listen. So, today I washed them and before I hang them back up, I'm going to SEW the suckers together and then put the tie back on. Let him figure that one out.
It's a bitch that I have to sew them but it's more of a bitch letting the bottom of the curtain hang on the dishwashing liquid and get wet all the time. You know, now that I think of it, I don't think my sewing kit has a needle in it. That would make it a piss poor sewing kit, wouldn't it? Actually the needles are in the drawer...maybe. They were the last time I looked anyway.
So, I'll go sew.
By the way, my date got postponed until tomorrow night because Arena Football Dude (we'll call him Ard) has to umpire a couple of games tonight. He had forgotten about them before. That's OK though, I have plenty to do here in the house. I'm still trying to get ready to move with 15 minutes notice. I've been getting rid of so much stuff that you could probably fill up another house with it all. Well, you surely could fill up another house's closets anyway.
OK, I'm going to take care of those curtains. Have a nice evening and don't forget, your invited to my 50th birthday party!


Blogger Meg said...

I did NOT space that post like that! I have problems with the spacing at Blogger occasionally...does that crap ever happen to anyone else?

I KNOW that I can't space that post properly so I'm not even gong to try. I'll just make it worse. What the heck is that all about anyway?


May 14, 2008  
Blogger akakarma said...

50 ! You are a youngster!

May 14, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...

LOLOL, I love you! Come on out to my party and we'll act like youngsters!

May 14, 2008  

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