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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hi there!

Sorry to disappear on you but I needed to get out and forget about the past couple of months for a while. I went out and then I cleaned house. It seems that no matter how much I clean, there's always something else to take care of. I cleaned out closets and cabinets, even going so far as to toss a bunch of clothes that I've been saving for years...in case they fit me again. Then, I brought a bunch more of my stuff from Florida last week so now I have about 4 more bags to hang up and take the place of all the crap I just got rid of.

As I said, my goal was to have all my stuff ready to move in 15 minutes notice but it's not gonna happen. I've lived in this house for over 10 years so I have a bunch of crap that I SHOULD throw away but I don't. The stupid thing is that I only see that stuff when I clean closets and attics out. I always think that I'll either find a use for it or I'll have one helluva yard sale someday. But I never do either. Oh well, maybe some of it will be on Antique Roadshow in 30 years.

Just in case it is, I'm gonna talk about it on this blog so that it'll be worth more because of the accompanying information about the original owner. I'll feel like an idiot if someone I wouldn't like takes it to the show and gets a lot of cash for it because I did this but maybe it'll be one of my adorable grandchildren.

In this entire house, there's only one closet that I haven't really touched because it belonged to one of the kids and I figured that I'd just leave it all where it was. But that was in 2000 and it's now 2008 so it's time for me to claim ownership and look through those baseball cards and see if I have a Randy Johnson rookie card or a Mark McQuire rookie card. I bet there'll be something good in there. Who knows? Now that I think of it, the Cubs game is on in the background (The Cubs and Diamondbacks are tied at 4) so it would be a good time to go through those suckers. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

This year is Fukudome's rookie year and I bet his rookie card will be worth something someday. I'm gonna go buy a box of this years cards so I don't have to buy a bunch of single packets and then open them each like Charlie opened the Wonka Bars...hoping for a Golden Ticket. Oh well, just thought that I'd mention it, if you wanted to, you could find one yourself.

Oh, if you scroll down to read the article below this post, there's a comment from someone regarding the kid that was killed chasing after a thief last week. Apparently they're collecting money for his family. I'm sure it's legit because the bank's address is the same as the one given in the newspaper articles. So, if you can spare a few bucks, send them a little something. If a bunch of us send 5 bucks each, that'd be a nice little donation. I'll start if off today. If you are so inclined, you could even send the information to the people in your address book so that something positive can come out of such a senseless situation. Such a waste of life...and as it seems to be far too often, the person taken away from us was one of those who made the world a better place while the thief who started this got clean away. From what I've read about Jason, he was the kind of man who would have done something for any one of us. Obviously he was a gallant young man, he died protecting the rights of a woman that he didn't even know.

It would be irresponsible not to say that what Jason did wasn't the brightest thing that he could have done but no one can question his decency and the honor that motivated his actions.

OK then...what else? Well, my Mother's Day, so far, has been quite laid back. My son bought me some fish for my salt water tank. One is a beautiful blue, one blue and yellow and one a beautiful black and white striped fish. We finally got the water balanced properly so adding the fish is the next step in growing lovely plants on my live rocks. I can't wait. These tanks take years to perfect but years go by and I'd like to create some more pretty stuff before I leave.

If I have that tank all fixed up and full of beautiful, healthy salt water plants and animals, then I could just stare at it, even when the house is a mess. I wonder if I can take a picture of the pretty fish? These fish run and hide when people peek in the tank. I can sit on my couch in the next room and see them, but not up close like I do with the fresh water tank. Those fish don't notice me at all.

The fact that the fish have survived overnight means that the water hasn't killed them right off and that's what we were afraid of. It's taken months to prepare the tank for the first fish which are in themselves a step toward beginning certain types of growth. They're starter fish and I need for them to shit all over the place before they die. Then, I'll see what I get. I need for the shit to grow something on the rocks that requires a different type of fish shit in the life cycle somehow. I don't understand it as well as my kid does. He takes care of the fish tanks for me. I feed them, watch them and buy the stuff my kid says he needs to take maintain the tanks.

I just looked down at my shirt. This is lovely...I have a grape jam stain smack dab in the middle of my boobs and cat hair all over. I had to give all of my mammals a pill and the cats are shedding so they shed all over me. Perhaps it's time to change clothes. Oh, and apply a tourniquet to the finger that one cat ripped open with a very sharp claw.

Ah, it'll wait until I think of something interesting to discuss. Damn, I have nothing.

Oh, I have this...last night an old man came up to me and paid me some very nice compliments. I was properly gracious and then he said, "I only wish I had a chance. "

I guess he figured that he was too old to even try to hit on me. First of all, I don't know how old he is and I don't know how old he thought that I was. Secondly, I was surprised to see a man just throw in the towel like that.

Then I started thinking about my Great Aunt Mamie who outlived 4 husbands. I asked her why she married such old men and I'll never forget her answer. She said, "Because I'd rather be an old man's princess than a young man's slave." I see what she means. So, Gramps might have had a chance if he had just pursued it for a minute or two. But he didn't, he went back to the bar and sat there with the rest of the old men. Then, one time I looked over and he was gone.

Anyway, I think I'm getting a bit hungry so I'm gonna go cook myself a Hot Pocket. They don't make a mess and there's no leftovers to deal with so it's the perfect meal.

See ya!


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