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Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been doing a bit of a...

...social science survey over the past 33 years. My subject has been men and I think I've finally gotten to the basic problem with those little suckers. They have the ability to renounce sexism with plausible deniability because:

1. They honestly don't think they are sexist.

2. They honestly think they should be appreciated for dominating all of us air headed females, caring for us and letting us live with them in exchange for performing certain amenities that they can't, or would rather not, perform on their own.

That was actually quite an epiphany.

I remember one such other man-related epiphany...years ago I figured out that men aren't necessarily lying when they answer "Nothing." to the question, "What are you thinking about?" I was stunned. My ex was quite the lying little shit so I just assumed that he was lying when he said that he wasn't thinking about anything. Little did I realize that he was perfectly capable of possessing a blank mind...DUH! I couldn't do it myself. I tried once but it freaked me out because I thought that my brain would stop and never start again. Funny how even though I knew that creep was a moron, I didn't credit his moronic brain with the ability to think of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As it is with most men, it was always easier to believe that he was thinking thoughts that he shouldn't have been thinking.

So yes, men CAN think about nothing. But, more often than not, when they say that they're thinking of "Nothing", they're lying. They just can't help it, it comes with the testicles.

Women secretly doubt the surveys that say men think about sex every 2 and half seconds or at some such ridiculously frequent time interval. We just can't fathom a brain that would think about sex so often. We assume that Italians and Mexicans are pulling up the slack for American men...we simply cannot admit that OUR men would think about sex so often. It would imply something totally foreign to our own way of thinking.

But damn...they SAY something sexual every few seconds! God knows WHAT they're thinking. We just have to understand that it is what it is and learn to adapt to our surroundings. There's nothing wrong with that, we don't have to change the poor, stupid men...we just have to evolve into a newer, better and smarter type of female. Personally, I like to use honesty...it baffles the hell out of them.

Today's men, more often than not, take for granted that they are smarter than all women. And yes, any given man might be smarter than most women. But there's always going to be women much brighter than the yahoo who underestimates them all. That's cool. I can dig being underestimated.

It's one thing if men like to manipulate women in everyday life. You gotta admit, we're pretty much on our own in that regard. But when the men take their silly prejudices and institutionalize them as they have here in my neck of the woods, you might have a problem when trying to exist outside of their control. It sounds so dreadfully white man-ish...doesn't it?

As they did back when William Shockley was teaching DYSgenetics and preaching voluntary sterilization for all people with an IQ under 100, men are still trying to find and control destinies that are not their own. But men would really never rid themselves of the pions that create his world for him. Who would the people with an IQ of 101 dominate if there weren't any 99's? They might have to raise their own standards and get rid of all white men with IQ's under 125.

Men assume that we are all idiots...if not idiots, certainly they place us low on the chain of priorities. Some big breasted blond chicks might be at the top of a list or two, but basically, women come after jobs, savings accounts and expensive, flammable wardrobes. Almost out of necessity, men have most of the resources and money if not all of them. Even the most generous husband in the world has a wife who can be cut from his good graces with no warning if he should choose a younger, more pliable female who will sleep with him until she too becomes the wife who wants to go back to sleep. The implicit warning that HE controls your circumstances is ever present. I'd rather count on serendipity but they won't let you do that...you can't get away from them and their world without sitting in a jungle somewhere south of the equator. Even then, the men you meet are rather armed. Oh well, I'd rather be shot than stoned.

The men who we see around us everyday are the same men who think that women are to be taken care of, and when necessary to their own ego, abandoned, disciplined or controlled to some degree. When they go to work and toss testosterone laced hot air around at each other, put loaded guns and cans of mace on their belts, they become an intimidating force and those of us who can't even get a word in edgewise at the dinner table are in serious trouble.

So maybe a couple of bimbos have pre-nups. But for the vast majority of us, we are at the beck and call of a person who pees standing up. Then, when the guy who can't keep his underwear free of skid marks runs off with some tramp, we get to deal with the men at work and they are EVERYWHERE!

Issues of race are much easier to see than are issues of sex. Men do seem to like some of us and that's where the problem starts. One man might agree that women have gotten the shaft throughout history...but not HIS woman. That would imply that he would have to take a look at the man in the mirror and even men are intimidated by THAT guy.


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