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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sometimes I just sit and wonder

In Moscow Obama tells Russian students:

"The recession is proof that risk comes with change."

Someone needs to tell me, what the hell does that mean?

I understand that even small towns can have nutty shooters, but why does it ONLY seem to happen in small towns nowadays? Very convenient for a government looking to abolish the 2nd amendment, isn't it?

After all this time, why hasn't Obama denounced Reverend White's claims that we were all lied to on 9/11?

It would also be nice to see a school allow a student to have her freedom of speech even if it's a politically incorrect opinion. But, how did a pro-life t-shirt become politically incorrect? Even Planned Parenthood says, "the student’s right to political speech should be protected in balance with this education mission". You would think that school administrators would have studied the First Amendment at some point. Funny how we never heard of a school removing a t-shirt that said, "Bush Lied-Kids Died".

How come people who think that republican politicians are so unfair are so trustworthy of democrats? Can one group of politicians be totally and secretly evil without the help of more than half of the rest of them?

While our young people are dieing in Afghanistan, why is every single news network still talking about a dead musician? Do you honestly think CNN would be ignoring an invasion lead by George Bush?

Why isn't a course in Logic required in Women's Studies at any university in this country? And what the hell does a person do with a degree in Women's Studies anyway?

Why is it newsworthy that Russian TV isn't all over an American president's silly speech to a bunch of pliable kids? When was the last time our networks covered ANY foreign head of state's speech?

"These are the things that bother me, not a lot of things across some sea."----Lobo


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