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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now that I know how many idiots are out there, I'll start using smaller words. Oh, and a smaller part of my mind as well. Perhaps we can then take the debate to Diane Watson's level so that she can be more comfortable with it.

I would wager that The Honorable Lady from California would agree that we should all keep our arguments on point and fight this fight on an equal playing ground. I just see one problem with that. I'm not a racist. But, since Watson wants to make this debate about race, let me introduce you to one. Then, Watson can make an informed decision regarding her race baiting tactics.

So, for the Honorable Diane Watson...here is a counter to your claims that those who disagree with health care do so with racism in their hearts. I tried to find adults to counter your arguments but I couldn't find any who weren't afraid of being branded a Lister of Blacks. But...one rather precocious 7 year old named Maggie has decided that she doesn't mind injecting race where it has no business, our personal and private health care. So, here she is....Maggie: 7 Year Old Racist

Good morning!

My name is Maggie and I have a bone to pick with Diane Watson. She states that racism is behind the push AGAINST a government take-over of our health care system.

This may be hard for some to hear...but I'm of the mind that racism is behind the push FOR for the government take-over of one sixth of the nation's economy.

I have no health coverage, I don't take food stamps and I am not on the public dole. If I looked like Watson, I would have been raised in an atmosphere that promotes the knowledge required to learn to make a living off of the government. I was never taught how to apply for foods stamps, nor was I raised to believe that it was a good thing. Therefore, my white upbringing totally disenfranchised me from the welfare system.

Even public housing, some of which is available for $17 a month, is geared toward those who know how to manipulate the system. There is no race-neutral system available to help those of us who were taught to pay our own way. Why should I suffer because of parents who didn't show me how to apply for federal housing...and worse...brainwashed me to believe that it was a BAD thing? How do I overcome years spent with a father who inculcated pride into my very psyche?

Subsidies, entitlements and yes...even health care are difficult to attain for people who look like me because we were raised in families who believed that we had to be productive members of society. Our parents, in their ignorance, believed that America would always help those who helped themselves and they expected us to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and try again"....every single time we fell! How can people who look like me ever stand a chance in a system created specifically for people who were raised to support the candidates who look like them?

Of course, our parents never prepared us for the option that there would be two lines...the line of people who work and the line of people who stand in line for a living, picking up the money dropped off by those who work. Right now I should be standing in some hand out line with a Walkman, a cell phone and my laptop. Instead, I'm left to sell my belongings to pay my way to a family member who can help take care of me because, once again, I have no knowledge of the free stuff available to me. People who look like me were never members of a culture raised to know how to get free stuff. Nor do people who look like me know how to ask for welfare without feeling like a failure. This unfair disadvantage keeps many who look like me out of the county welfare offices and that's just not right.

As long as I'm under the influence of a father who taught us that racist concept of personal responsibility, and as long as I'm going to remain in need of food, medical care, housing and a person to help me during the day...I will have to figure it out without the help of the people in the working line.

And who's to blame for this travesty? All of those people who don't look like me think that people who DO look like me should pay for thier health care, whether or not we have health care of our own. Oh, and don't forget, our racist administration has such disdain for the Founding Fathers (who looked like me!) that they are taking the list of rules that was created by they who look like me, and trying to hopscotch around them to create rights that have never been given to the Federal Government.

Even worse, they want to take the enumerated rights away from people who look like me...not by imprisonment...YET!...but by publicly accusing dissidents of moral, ethical, social and even legal violations. I guess they figure, "Why imprison them when it's cheaper to simply create social deviants out of them?!"

Those who look like me are threatened with name calling of the worst kind should we attempt to offer our own ideas. Those who look like me were raised to resist joining the welfare system and as a result, we find ourselves in a state of despair when we need help because of how we look and of our upbringing. The racist welfare system has yet to find a way to teach those who look like me how to navigate the bureaucracy of hand-out programs and they certainly haven't taught us how to overcome our sense of pride so that we can do so.

It's time for those who look like me to speak out against the racism that has kept us out of the welfare system for far too long. With the racist administration trying to socialize so many of the needs of Americans, those who look like me must demand that the system become much more race neutral. Only then will true equality exist for people who look like me.

Well, as you can see, racial arguments abound. Maggie certainly doesn't speak for all of the people who look like her and Diane Watson doesn't speak for all of those who look like HER. But, far too many people are trying to muddy the waters for those who seek truth, justice and the American way. (Sorry, but I couldn't resist the Superman reference.)

There's one really bad thing about muddy water...you can't see a thing in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This might be funny, if you knew what you were talking about. Health care should be available to everyone, and there is a lot of misinformation being spread by republican'ts.

Aren't you sucking off of the gov't with your cancer care? Or are you blessed to have health care from one of your many many many ex husbands? Maybe we should take your care away from you, and see how you do. How would you feel then? Oh wait, you woulnd't, because you'd be dead.

September 02, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I usually don't take the time to respond to self righteous morons but in case any one else thinks what you think, I have to set the record straight.

I have NO insurance, no medical, no dental, no prescription, no eye care.

My doctor charges me $80 a visit and when I was beaten up by some nut last May, they wouldn't let me in to see him even though, for once, I was not in their debt at that time. They told me to go to the emergency room. I said that it was stupid to go there and owe thousands of dollars when I could owe the doctor 80 bucks. They said, "The hospital has access to indigient care, we don't." So, I went home and stayed at home putting heat on my injuries because I didn't know what else to do and I was ABSOLUTELY NOT about to take services away from indigent funds that should be spent on children. I currently need another 80 bucks to go to the doc to get refills on my heart med, blood pressure med, anti-seizure med as well as my prozac and xanax which I CAN go without, but I shouldn't. Also, the doctor keeps telling me to get certain lab tests which I can't afford so when I go back, he scolds me again. I feel guilty about not listening to him but I feel worse about having to tell him the truth, I just can't afford it.

Last week I broke a very high profile tooth. I had no money to have it fixed so I traded my most prized possession (after my kids of course) to a dentist in exchange for a root canal and a tooth build up. He gave me a prescription for pain medicine but I only had 16 bucks and my animals needed food. So, instead of a narcotic after a root canal, I bought a bunch of Alpo and Aristocrats Cat Food. That damn tooth still hasn't stopped hurting and now the pain is in my jaw too. The dentist didn't agree to anything else than what he already did. I don't know what to do but for now, I have other problems that are more pressing. I'll post a picture of my fridge for you. It's embarrassing but not any more than taking food stamps from children and old people.

When I do have to pick up a prescription, I call Costco and Wal-mart because my pharmacy price matches and I can get them cheaper that way...but I still have to pay for my own medicine. Once again, it's embarrassing to answer "No." to the question, "Don't you have any insurance?" But, even if I wanted to lie and say I did, I'd never get away with it because I couldn't produce the necessary information.

Oh, and don't let me forget my eyeglasses. I can't see a damn thing without them but I stepped on them months ago and they're broken beyond repair. One ear piece is still there so I wear two thirds of my glasses when I'm at home so that I can see the TV. It's too embarrassing to go out like that and since I don't have the money to get a new pair, I just don't.

I'm behind on my rent so badly and all I can do for my landlord right now is clean the heck out of his house, do my best to manicure his lawn and then leave before I end up owing him more than I already do. I'm so ashamed that I let him down because he's been terribly good to me over the years. But as I try to come up with the most responsible, decent and correct thing to do, I'm stuck with the shame of having to tell him the truth and promise to repay every favor he has ever done me.

Everybody who knows my situation has asked me why I don't try to get some sort of government help and I am still praying that I can dig myself out of this hole...I've done it before. I found then that my pride came back and I'm hoping for the same this time.

I'm not perfect but if I had accepted assistance from one person, one agency or one church...I wouldn't be in the dire straights in which I currently find myself.

So do yourself a favor, before you make assumptions about me, or any other fellow human, remember than there are things that you don't know and see if you could find it in yourself to take the high road and try to make a negative situation better.

Well, obviously I'm not dead...but I don't really feel well at all.

Have a great day and God Bless!

September 02, 2009  
Blogger freechoice said...

Sounds like you have a car and you have a tv, probably cable, cell phone? telephone? Animals? How many and don't you think paying for health insurance would be more beneficial than paying for your animals care - give them away! Get rid of cable, get two jobs if you have too!

At 15 I was working and trying to keep my fathers head above water, to keep his home and food on the table - nevermind clothes on my back. It wasn't easy! My winter coat was a flannel shirt...

When I was 18, I then had to take care of my mother who was in and out of the hospital. I did not take vacations or own pets (I still don't since it just isn't in the cards for me yet) and I'm 47 with 3 kids. I have been on unemployment only once in my life and have worked multiple jobs at the same time to make ends meet.

Stop whining and do something about your situation. You are responsible for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You are not guaranteed happiness by the government (or us). Yes, we contribute to food banks, help the needy, elderly, charities when we can. Get off your butt and stop insisting that we all must share the wealth. I would like to just get ahead, but you are all bringing me down. How pathetic! I don't owe you a darn thing. This is where the government is incorrect in their assessment. This country is the land of the free, not the land of the free handout! If you can't handle it, go to Canada!

September 03, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Once again...small words. This is a joke. (If you appeared to have a brain, I would have said that it was satirical, but alas, you appear to be a nit wit.)

Reread the post and ask for help with the big words.

September 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Free choice

Then why do *I* have to pay for your kids school, when I chose not to have any? Or your elderly parents medicare when mine died at a younger age?

You are dragging me down.

September 03, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Obviously the sarcasm of this post eludes you. If you could grasp what I wrote, you'd see that we agree. I'm not bringing you down, DNA did that a LONG time ago.

September 04, 2009  

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