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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My friend/roommate...

...has had her identity stolen. She has an alert on her debit card that let's her know whenever a purchase is made for over $20. One morning the phone rang to tell her that a purchase for over $800 had been made at a Lowes Store in Rockford Illinois.

After many calls to the bank and to Lowes, we found out that it had been an online purchase for merchandise to be picked up at the Rockford store by someone claiming to be Steve Hanson or Hansen, we didn't get the spelling. The same person had made 2 other purchases, all for large amounts, also to be picked up at the Rockford location. The other 2 purchases were made on 2 other credit cards. (Now, it could be a coincidence that Ron, my friend's ex, lives near Rockford.)

When we spoke to the Rockford Lowes, they said that we couldn't be given any other information since my friend had already notified the bank of the disputed claim. But, since it was an internet purchase, I thought to call Lowes internet center and get the information without telling them that the purchase was fraudulent. I didn't have an order number but I had the card number so the rest of the info was easy to get. This Steve gave a street address as Sweetbriar Lane in Elgin Illinois. Chances are slim that it's his real address or name for that matter but whomever used her card to buy the stuff must have known that she lived in Elgin or else that was just another huge coincidence.

This isn't the first time this has happened to her, actually it's more like the third time so I can't believe that one person would have this happen continually unless the same person was committing the crime.

In the meantime, her ex has been making major purchases of another sort such as a laptop computer and a new cell phone. He has also been taking the kids on trips and paying for them with credit cards. This yahoo has never had decent credit except for the time he spent married to my friend.

When she met him (through a dating service) she had just lost her decent husband of many years and was in quite a vulnerable state. Since her first husband was in a wheelchair, they couldn't have children and my friend was desperate to have a child. Between her desire for a child and the recent loss of her husband, she quickly entered into a marriage that was as stupid as the one I entered into with my idiotex.

When they wanted to buy a house for their planned family, she paid off all of his debts, including the huge fee that he owed the dating service through which they met. This was before internet dating services that are much cheaper today and apparently, this older type was quite costly. After she paid ALL of his debts, she married him, bought a house for him and his 2 daughters, paid all the bills while he spent most of the marriage unemployed.

During the marriage, he opened a "business" that required 8 grand worth of tools yet he only had 2 customers, both family friends. I've seen his work around this house, I wouldn't recommend him to anyone but my idiotex. During the divorce, he wanted all of the tools and almost got them until she told her attorney that she was still paying off the 8 grand owed on them.

When they did separate, she paid his cell phone bill and let him have a debit card for gas so that he could visit their kids. She was eventually awarded sole custody of the kids because his attorney quit when he refused to pay the man what he owed him. Then, he blew off the court date so my friend got everything she asked for, namely the kids, the house and the debts.

That wasn't enough for him. He is currently taking her to court to get the child support "modified"...downwards...because he has been unemployed for so long that he lives on unemployment. Our wonderful government is consistently increasing the time that one can collect unemployment so no one knows when that will really run out. His child support comes out of the unemployment check and he has a problem paying what he owes her even though the taxpayers are paying him to live with his adult daughter.

When the government increases unemployment benefits for another 6 months, this is who they are helping. Just thought you should know.


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