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Friday, October 29, 2010

If I weren't getting...

..so used to the inequity of political correctness, I would be stunned at this:


The Fresh Prince happened to be on TV while I was surfing the Internet and of course, the commercials are aimed toward the largest audience for such programming, black people. For a moment my jaw dropped as I watched the commercial that caught my attention as soon as I heard "black people meet" in the background. My head turned and I saw this:

To be sure, I checked http://www.whitepeoplemeet.com/ and was redirected to a dating site for Generation X'ers that never once mentioned race. I don't know why the term was linked to that site...but it was.

Is it any wonder that this country is so divided politically? We have a mulatto President who can tell those different from him to "sit in the back", white women who can be called "whores" for their beliefs and a Congressional Black Caucus that has as it's goal the following:

"achieving greater equity for persons of African descent in the design and content of domestic and international programs and services."

Oh yeah?

Between the Black Congressional Caucus, the NAACP and numerous leaders of African descent elected to public office, one would expect the status of blacks to rise somewhat. Certainly, many blacks have risen above the restraints placed upon them in the past...so much so that we have elected a mulatto man to the most powerful office in the world. Unfortunately, that man would have us divided as a people because "divided we fall". A fallen people are more easily controlled and a Socialist government is nothing if not controlling.

We are supposed to "celebrate diversity" in this country. Why? Are we supposed to concentrate on differences between people? Is that what equality is about? YEA!!! You are different!

How about celebrating accomplishment? Has that occurred to those who would preach to blacks the evils of the white people and imply that they are somehow genetically inferior to the point that Affirmative Action is required for black people to have a chance at success? Who is the racist in that situation? Are black people not as able as whites to succeed as a white person?

Go back to the year 1945. If given a choice, would you rather be:

1. A European Jew with all of his belongings on a stick carried over your shoulder?
2. A German in Russian occupied Berlin?
3. An Eastern European sacked by the Nazi's and then robbed by the Russians?
4. A Japanese person living amongst the ruble of a war torn Japan?
5. A black person in America?

How is it that within 3 years of 1945 the Jews had their own country with an army strong enough to win a war? How did Germany become it's own united nation? How did Eastern European countries come back from the evils perpetuated upon them by the Nazi's and the Communists? How did Japan begin exporting goods to the United States within a few short years of it's own devastation? None of them were assisted by the NAACP and many of these groups could be considered non-whites.

What did the future hold for black Americans?

1. An illegitimacy rate of 22% in 1960 that today is measured at 68%.

2. A racial composition of the US population as of 2008 was 79.79% White American...12.84% African American yet US prison and jail population as of 2008 was 13.44% White American...60.21% African American.

3. A nation where 90 percent of black children will be clients of the national Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/Food Stamps) at least once by the time they turn 20.

4. A city like Chicago with Democratic leadership (including Jesse Jackson, Barrack Obama and the entire Rainbow Coalition) where you can STILL find remnants of devastation from the MLK riots evident decades later in predominately black neighborhoods.

5. A nation where the "N word" offends more whites than blacks.

I don't see how the NAACP can be called anything but an utter failure. But never let it be said that they miss a chance to blame whites for all of the ills of black society. Today the Tea Party is the latest target of racial slurs made by many in the Democratic Party. I think that the Tea Party should invites black leaders from all walks of life to come to their meetings, even saving the front row for them. Allow them to ask questions and request that they point out the racist tendencies exhibited by the Tea Party members.

Fathers of all colors are being dismissed, demeaned and demonized in this nation and that is simply shameful. In most of the animal kingdom, females care for the bodily needs of their young while males teach respect and responsibility.

Consider this one example:

In a conservation effort several decades ago, orphaned elephants were moved from Kruger National Park to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Reserve where there were no elephants. They grew up without the influence of their mothers or older bulls. It is thought that without role models they didn't know how to behave and were taking out their aggressions inappropriately on the rhinos. Older bulls were brought in to teach them how to behave themselves.

Of course there are many mothers who can raise respectful and responsible adults, but in a strong country built by strong families, how can we justify the disposable nature of fathers and families?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finding a usefulness for the NAACP is like finding a usefulness for the KKK. There is nothing useful about any of these race-baiting, racist organizations.

October 30, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both have no place in our soceity anymore. It only gives the members a reason to feel important.

October 30, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same with Haiti. the French went there and lived like kings until they were butchered. Turned Haiti into a major exporter of sugar, indigo, and cotton. WHY can’t the Haitians do the same? We can’t keep carrying this self destructive minority anymore, they are holding us back. We can’t afford to pamper the self destructive anymore. It’s not that they don’t know better or haven’t been taught better. It’s like they cherish being aliented and miserable.

October 30, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“How is it that within 3 years of 1945 that the Jews had their own country with an army strong enough to win a war? How did Germany become it’s own united nation? How did Eastern European countries come back from the evils perpetuated upon them by the Nazi’s and the Communists? How did Japan begin exporting goods to the United States within a few short years of it’s own devastation?”

These cultures and countries are the ones that had pride in a work ethic, self discipline, and a respect for authority and society. They didn’t get a scapegoat, they got a shovel and started working.

October 30, 2010  

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