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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little kids are such...

...unpredictable little suckers that I can't imagine too much comedy happening without them. Yesterday a friend of a friend was taking his blood sugar before he decided how much insulin he needed to take. I tried to freak out an onlooking kid by asking him if I could take HIS blood sugar. He asked if it would hurt and I responded, "I just need to make you bleed a little, do YOU think it will hurt?" That kid remained reticent while his little sister tried to explain it better than I had.

"It will be a big giant prick, that's all!" she told her brother. Being the sweet little thing that she is, she was the only person in the room who didn't laugh to high heaven. I guess she didn't get the "big giant prick" image in her mind the way everyone else did.

That's the same little girl who told her brother to "Just whack the head off!" when he wanted to pull a dead flower out of a vase last summer. I did have to tell her to watch who she told to "whack off" in the future. Of course, I couldn't have foreseen the "big giant prick" response coming at the time so at this point I have decided to simply let her continue making her sexual references without comment.


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