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Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Relationship With A Philipino Woman: The Beginning

I didn't know where...

...to start with all of these e-mails but I wanted to start with something relatively good. I can save some of them for later even though it's killing me to keep ANYTHING back, especially considering the "jig is up" and at this point I could tell you everything. But, I had to present them in some sort of order so I decided to start with Ron's relationship with a chick he met on a site called LoveHappens. Ron began his online affairs with women NOT American (usually Asian) because, as he explained to his daughter, American women don't know how to treat a man, they're too spoiled." Anyway, here is the first e-mail from Ning, a woman from the Philippines with whom Ron had a very long online relationship that eventually turned into an offline relationship when Ron went to visit Ning a couple of times. As you read, see if you can tell that Ning was looking for a ticket to America...I found it obvious:

Thu, 31 May 2007

From Ning To Ron:

Dear Ron,

Its so wonderful seeing my email with your long letter. But let me first extend my warmest "hello" to you! And hope you're doingwell and good upon receiving this letter.
For me it seems that I have known you for a long time and that I always have to check my email if I got lines from you. Funny but its true, so don't forget to reply ha? Thanks so much for all the qualities you have mentioned about me andmind you I can also feel that you are the same person. You said you have 4 children and the 2 are happily married. The other 2 young kids are living with you? Am I right in assuming you adopted both of them? Then, you're really one of a kind, a very generous guy. So, you are divorced for a long time? Or you got married again? Am sorry I have so many questions its ok if you can't asnswer it.
You have a very good job and interesting too. My youngest brother is also working as CAD Designer only he designed roads, bridges and railways. What do you do for a break or your hobbies?
I also have a grandchild, shes a girl. My daughter is living with her husband but shes still studying because I want her to finish her course, HOTEL and RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, on her 3rd year college. She is still too young, I was so downed when this happened to her and I can't accept it, as if I want to leave this world because shes my precious one! But HE is up there and I prayed and HE gave me the light, and now am ok and am happy with their little girl. My mother is living with me and the woman who takes care of her coz am working.
Wish we could talk online, I think its much better if you won't mind? How about on weekends? Or your off days? I hope we could find the chance to meet, take care of yourself.
My best regards and will be waiting again a reply from you.
its me,


Hi Ning,
I was overjoyed to hear from you, it is so refreshing to meet a nice person online. All the "icebreakers" were just fine and it did get the idea across. Thats why I sent my regular e-mail address in hopes that you would then be able to write to me.
Yes I did see the picture of you and your daughter, she is a beautiful young lady and I can see where she gets it from (her mom is beautiful too). I think that you are a beautiful person with a lovely spirit and a very special outlook on life that is so good to find in someone in these days and times.
I believe you also to be a very sincere, decent and responsible person with a kind and gentle heart. Such rare qualities to find in a person today and that o me makes you such a special friend to find. I am hoping that as time goes on we might get to know each other better and maybe we could become best friends, to me that has got to be where it all starts and everything from there will be special and wonderful.
I work as an Electriacl Designer for the engineering department of a local company using computer aided design (cad) software. The company designs and fabricates the electrical controls for the cranes that load and offload the cargo containers from cargo ships. We do business all over the world for companies like Mitsubishi and TMGE. It is very interesting work and I have been doing this type of design for over 20 years so I think I'm to the point where I can hold my own at work.
I have 4 children and 3 grandkids, my two older girls I raised by myself from ages 9 and 10. They are on there own now and doing very well, they both have wonderful men that take good care of them. My 2 younger kids are 9 and 6 and they are both the center of my life right now. The 9 year old is a typical all boy and loves to play outside and do anything outdoorsey. The girl likes all the girl things, especially dressing up. She was adopted from china and is the sunshine on my life with seldom a cross word and always going the extra mile to be the peacemaker.
My IM address is about the same as my EM address just a little shorter, however due to the time difference I don't know how many times we'll be able to connect. But anyway it is as follows halojumper and windoows live messenger.
I too will be out of town for the weekend so I hope you get this before you leave for your weekend out, but if it doesn't then hopefully I'll have a nice surprise when I return. I have my kids this weekend and am taking them to an airshow in Rockford, Il. It's their first airshow and they are so excited about going especially the boy because the "Blue Angels" Navy flight team is going to perform and he wants to see them so bad.
Well, must go spend time with the girl whom I have for the evening and I must have her back by 8pm so have to go for now.
Take care and may God be with you and protect you on your travels this weekend. I hope that this e-mail finds you in good health and good spirits and That each day is filled with nothing but sunshine for you. Till we talk again, bye for now.


Hi Ron,
How are you??
First I would like to say how glad I am we'v met. And then, to say I'm sorry that I threw so many "icebreakers" on you. Am thinking its the only way I could catch your attention and made you realize that maybe I could not use the service of LoveHappens in sending lines back to you. Am sorry I don't use or use any credit cards, that is why, I think you are a very decent, sincere and interesting person.
Now am here, and maybe as we go along, we will get to know each other better. Am a widow with one daughter (if you have seen my pic with her), just like you am a God fearing person, a Roman Catholic. I presently work as a Technical Assistant in one of the government offices here.
My ym ID is the same, ninglesmon, maybe you wish to send offlines. How about yours? I usually get online when I arrived from the office, its nighttime here and morning there. Oh, by the way, I will be going out of town tomorrow til sunday morning.
Till here, I will be waiting for your reply and thanks so much, take care always.

its me,

Now, I'm not exactly sure how many lies Ron told in his e-mail but off the top of my head, his son' favorite thing to do in the entire world is the same as Ron's favorite thing...he LOVES to sit on a recliner and watch TV. The only "outdoorsey" thing he does is walk to and from the car when it's time to go to McDonald's. He also lied about his job BIG TIME but I guess it's all good because he ended the e-mail with religious stuff. Oh, and by the way, I have no clue what Ning was talking about when she discussed her daughter.

As soon as Kelly gets back from the store I'll grab an e-mail from her sister and stick it up here. Back soon!


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