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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sister Disloyalty

Kelly's sister, Denise, got Ron's e-mail addy from an e-mail that Kelly sent her with Ron's addy in the CC list. This is the first e-mail Denise sent to Ron...SHE started the communications:

Ron how the hell are you? I miss talking to you. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH YOU AND Kelly? I can't believe you divorced after all the struggles to get pregnant then finally have a beautiful son. Then to adopt a wonderful child from China.
I finally got a forwarded email from Kelly that I paid a ttention to the forward personal email address.

Still what the hell happened to the two of you? She told me it was because of alienation of affection. I don't think she knows what that means.
If you want to talk answer this email if not I am fine with that. I still miss you. SIS

yes I would love to talk with you but about Kelly and I well I am sure that she has already told you what a bad person I am. What happened had been building for a few years and I guess I just got tired of constantly being told that everything I knew was wrong, i also got very tired of being given ultramatums such as "My way or the highway" and the constant controling. We were seeing a marriage councler and they suggested that we spend a couple of weeks away from each other and we agreed so I left for two weks and then we were supposed to get together and talk about our feelings, when I cam back after the twoo weeks apart she said she didn't want me back soI went and stayed with Angie. About four weeks after that she said I could come back but only under her rules, by then I was about fed up with her and told her that i didn't think so. It always had to be her way or else and that is a oneway street that no one can live with for long.
She has pulled all kind of things to get what she wants and she did get everything and I mean totally everything, but in my view of things she has been planning this for many years and looking back I can now see it, when she bought the van she refused to put my name on the title but her name had to go on the pickup, then about a year before we split she wanted to refinance the house and she told me that she could get a better rate if it was only her name on the loan, by then I was starting to see what she was doing and I refused to sign off on that which she was furious about. She had been setting me up for a long time but it didn't matter because she ended up with everything because she toold a lie in court and was able to sneak the divorce papers that she wanted through the court, I was divorce for almost two months before I evben knew it.
I guess thats enough for now but you probably know as well as anyone and so I don't know if I need to say any more, I would love to talk with you and mike as you were always good friends and treated me well. So if you want too you can write me anytime and I will be glad to answer, take care and GOD bless you.

Best Regards,

BY THE WAY, I've known Kelly for 40 years and I have never ONCE heard her use the phrase "my way or the highway".

Ron Kelly will not understand this. She can't know we talk OK? I have not even told Mike I have talked to you. He would be ok with it but I feel ackward about telling him, as we have not spoken in over 2 years.

I do believe you are right that Kelly would probably not understand why we are still talking cause I am sure that she would not like it, I will not be the one to tell her as I do not talk with her any more than I have to and usually only about the kids when I do. But I have always enjoyed talking with you and would like it if we could stay in touch, as far as Mike is concerned I would have no problem with him knowing that we talk but that would be a decision that you would have to make and it would have to be you that would tell him but he has always been good to me and I have always considered you both as my friends. Take care and GOD bless you both.


Hey Ron I still care about you. My sister has only told me one side of the story. There are two sides of a pancake, I know that. I told Mike we are talking and he is totally fine with that
Kelly wants me to hate you. I can't and don't. I care about you. You have never done anything to hurt Mike or me.
I just want to remain friends... SIS

Ron how are and the kids doing? You still see them everyother weekend right? are still living with Angie? Kelly told me you have a girlfriend from overseas. Do the kids know about her? Kelly said you have lost a lot of weight. Are you OK? SIS

Yes I still see the kids every other weekend whenever Kelly will let me, she trys to make it as hard on me as she can and thinks of any excuse for me not to take them but most of the time I get to have them. I am living with my daughter Jessie and her husband Jason right now, but we go and stay at Angies whenever I have visitation with the kids cause Jacob and Jessie do not get along.
yes I have been talking to a lady from teh philippines and the kids know her and talk to her on the IM. She is very sweet and kind, I met her on a business trip to her country when I was working for Kinney Electric. I will attach a picture of her so you can know what she looks like and we hope someday to have her come here and we will see what happens. After Kelly I am a lot more cautious about knowing her a lot better before I will even think about something perminate, I have to thank Kelly for that at least as I am not in a hurry to move into anything new when it comes to relationships and I know now that Kelly and i should have dated a lot longer before making the decission to get married.
Yes I have taken off a lot of weight as I was getting to heavy at 245 so I droped down to about 185 and now I feel so much better, I have a lot more energy and don't feel tired all the time like I used to.
I'm glad that you told Mike that we have been talking and would you please extend a big hello to him for me, you have both been good friends to me and I hope that the friendship can continue even though I am sure that kelly wants you to hate me and would have a cow if she knew that we had been talking again.

GOD Bless You All,
Ron I.

BY THE WAY...Ron never went so far as the next suburb on any business trips, he sure as hell didn't go to the Philippines...he just used cash he didn't have for child support and went to get a piece of ass from Ning with it. If I didn't know Kelly like I do, I might believe the crap he wrote about her. But I know her too well to fall for any of it. You would THINK that her own sister would know better as well.

Much, much more to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

be careful repeating others e-mails, isn't there a case where a man is being prosecuted for breaking into his wife's e-mail, could get 7 years...

January 07, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I heard about that. Thank God I'm not in Michigan!

January 08, 2011  
Anonymous ex wife #4 said...

If he gives you his password and never changed it that would not be "breaking" into his e-mail.I know first hand he could break into Kellys house as he had the garage door opener for the last 4 years. He could have "stolen" all the tools HE THOUGHT were his that Kelly is still paying off as of this post.

January 08, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Exactly. He's bit of a druggie and probably forgot that he gave her permission to read his email. Oh course, he's not the fastest turtle in the race. We can't prove he's robbed the garage but anyone else would have had to break in and there were no signs of a break in, it appeared as though a key was used to get in.

And yes, Kelly IS still paying off all of the tools she bought for the "family business" but unfortunately, Ron couldn't make a living watching TV.

January 09, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

By the way, a good friend of mine and I were discussing this situation and she mentioned the show Cheaters. How is any of this differen from that show? I think I'd rther be a faceless name online that a full-faced idiot on TV.

January 09, 2011  

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